The Blestie Gets All Crafty

Cause I am the antithesis of crafty. I put these eggs over fake grass in a vase and it was as if Martha Stewart took over my body. That's about as DIY as it's gonna get over here. In case you get excited for a second...just remember where you are;)

I am pumped to share Brianne with you guys! She is super sweet and if you read yesterday's post then you know we are inseparable. If by inseparable... I mean opposite coasts. but we can overcome these pesky details. 

Hello Everyone!!  I am Brianne and I can be located over at
Being Bracco!

I can’t believe I am
over here at Maddie’s little slice of the blog world!  I couldn’t be more excited to do this with
her!  Especially since she has become
such a cherished friend and probably my most favorite person in North
Carolina!  Ever since she caught my eye with
her bacon popcorn, other amazing recipes (whoooopies!), and how she has grown
my “must read” book list, she has been unable to get rid of me! 

To share a little bit
about myself and “Being a Bracco”… 

I am 25 years old and
have been married to an amazing, hot stuff of a man, Aaron for a little over ayear now.  Our adventures in the past
year have included:  becoming new
homeowners, raising some fluffy fur babies, and all the unwarranted “fun” thatthose things can bring.  I am getting
braver with my style and what I attempt to cook that is edible for thehusband.  Also, with the new home, décorand DIY projects are all over my noggin, my fingers have started to become a
little more on the craftier side.

One of my favorite
crafting projects has been making wreaths.
I love to have one for every holiday/season.
 I have always been drawn too burlap and some
succulent for the spring time.

This is a special
made one because I am making this for my Maddie friend to send to her, cause
friends make each other crafty wreaths and whoopie pies. :)

So today, I will take
all my Pinterest browsing and put it together for a succulent monogrammed

 Here's what you will need:

1.  Floral stems of your choice (I chose a succulent floral mixture).
2.  Wreath form.
3.  Wooden letter.
4. A roll of burlap (usually comes in a roll of 10 yards).
5.  Green floral wire.

First - Arrange your floral stems and secure them together to the wreath form with the floral wire.
Second - Dot some hot glue to a section of the burlap and secure it the the back of the wreath.  Then, wrap a few times around the stems and down the wreath a bit.
Third - Hot glue the burlap end to the back of the wreath when finished wrapping.
Fourth - Hot glue the wooden letter to the bottom section of the wrapped burlap (or wherever on the wreath your little heart desires).
Fifth - Add a cute little burlap flower for a finishing touch.  (see my "How To" on flowers here).

VOILA!!! The Finished product!

A great big thank you
once again to my friend Maddie for having me over here today!  I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my
crafting ways and stop by Being Bracco sometime to see more!


Thanks so much for my sweet wreath! I cannot wait to put it on my door. and brag about how hard I worked to find these twigs in the woods behind my house and bend them to create my wreath my bloggy blestie made this just for me;)

and your whoopie pies are in the mail too. You just can't eat them. That whole cream cheese needing refrigeration and all.

Go check her out, you will be glad you did...I promise!
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  1. Had so much fun getting all crafty for you my friend!


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