Please Come To Boston

in the springtime... 
this song has been running through my mind all night. as in all night. I have yet to go to bed. I was baking late when I decided to peruse facebook for a moment when lots of my Boston family and friends started updating about incidents at MIT. 

I was unaware at that point that a heart wrenching week was about to become more bizarre than I could have imagined, It was as if I was watching a Die Hard movie. The events became more surreal by the minute. I was constantly checking Boston Globe and to see what they were saying. But to be honest, 95% of the information I got was from minute by minute updates by friends/family who actually live near where the events were taking place and the outlying towns.

When the ridiculousness that is Watertown started going down, I made the decision to wake Wiki up. I knew that he had to get up at 5:30 for work, but this is his town. The pride and adoration he has for Boston is indescribable.  it is a huge part of his identity. This week has been difficult for him, as it has  everyone, but it was made worse by wanting to be near his family and friends and feeling a sense of helplessness by being so far away.

Together we watched what can only be aptly described as the strangest and most surreal night of my life(other than 911). If you didn't follow it as it happened, I would be incredulous if you are able to even follow a little.. I watched them unfold with my own eyes and I still can barely make sense of it.

A friend of Wiki's uploaded a video from his apartment that was apparently around the corner from the shootout. I have never heard anything like it, and my heart beat rapidly for a full twenty minutes afterwards. Even knowing they had posted it to facebook and were obviously fine, My mind was screaming for him to "go the heck inside" He almost seemed to not fully grasp what was happening.

All night we heard differing stories, some from people who were witnesses, some from radio and more stories still from all the news outlets. And this morning...the city is pretty much under a complete lock down. I am still grappling with what I have learned.

I ask that you pray for this city, for the people of that great city...while I may be a small town country girl from the south, my heart opened up a huge space for this enchanting place...and it became my second home. The history, it's beauty...but mainly it's people. They are a rather stellar and resilient bunch.

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