A Capital Affair

This weekend we headed to DC to visit one of our best couple friends and their littles. Wiki and Matt have been besties since about 5th grade and his wife and I established a firm friendship ourselves.

I sometimes forget that DC can be considered a travel hot spot b/c I grew up near there and could go whenever I wanted. Ergo, I take for granted all of the awesome places there are to see, not to mention they are constantly building more and more sights.

We decided to head up early so we could spend the first day by ourselves, taking in the sights that aren't really kid friendly. It was an absolute beautiful weekend in to be in DC.

and now, here is basically gonna be a photo overload.

The Masonic temple in Olde Town Alexandria
 Love the roofs in some of the metros. So much cleaner than NY & Boston
 China Town
First stop, American Building Museum. Was originally the pension building for the armed forces.

 These are the colums at the Building Museaum.
 Love the halls. and these columns were hollow and filled with papers from the 1800's when this building was built.
 They are some of the largest in the world, over 78 feet tall.
He was so excited to be there...and so pissed when there was a craft show going on in the atrium. 
An architectural engineers worst nightmare;)

 Next up is the park that is the Law Enforcement memorial. These walls are filled with names of the lost officers etched into the walls.

Then we stumbled into the Newseum. Pretty sure it is one of the coolest places I have been to. I am a huge history buff and a lover of all things involving reading material. They had papers dating to the early 1700 hundreds and material from some of the most prolific events in our histoy.

 Front page of the paper from each state, changed each morning.

 First amendment etched into the side of the building.
 First stop was the Berlin Wall exhibit. This is part of the actual wall, along with signs and one of the death towers that stopped people from trying to cross.
The FBI exhibit had items from some of the largest crimes/criminails
 This is the actual Unabomber cabin! Was so very tiny!

and this was the viw from the roof. Talk about amazing.

There was so much more that I could go on and on about in this museum. It may have been pricey, but seeing as how almost every other place to visit in DC is free...The twenty bucks was worth it.

 Next up, my favorite building in DC...the National Archives!
The door of the Archives, just call me Alice...looking for my rabbit hole;)

The Smithsonian Castle that is on the lawn.

We headed to Matt and Kate's and after a fun night of grilling out and cocktails, we slept in and woke up to take a full day in at the zoo with the kiddos.

 They were just a lounging.

 This gator wanted nothing out of any visitors.
 I love, love love elephants!
The Otters may have been my favorite. What a bunch of show offs!

Before we left on Sunday afternoon, we indulged in some BBQ. I have been all over and eaten BBQ. I live in the home of pulled pork BBQ(it is called Carolina BBQ for a reason) I have eaten my way through Texas and tried out KC and Memphis. and all I can say is...the is some of the best I have ever eaten and their market concept was incredible. Although...Qshack has my heart.

Hill Country BBQ.They're based out of Texas, but use a lot of local meats. I had the chili rubbed pork belly. My life is changed. Oh my word. Hungry again!
On our way home we took the scenic route 1 home that went by Mount Vernon and the Potomac River before stopping in historic Fredricksburg and walking around and grabbing dinner. I will have those photos later this week.

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5 comments on "A Capital Affair"
  1. thanks so much for linking up! I haven't been to DC in so long. i need to go back! and that zoo looks so fun!

  2. I love DC and haven't been there in over 10 years. You're right - with all the things that are free, you don't mind paying for some things. The Holocaust Museum is my favorite, but I'm intrigued by the Newseum!

  3. We didn't go to the Newseum on our last trip there, but I'll have to add it to the list when we return.

  4. DC is absolutely my favorite! I go at least once every other month. Glad you enjoyed it :)


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