WIWW: Brunch

We are big "foodies" in our house. and so each week, on Sunday we hit a different brunch spot and traipse around either Raleigh or Durham. We have been going for a few months and there is no end in sight. The smorgasbord of tasty eats in and around our area can almost be overwhelming if you don't know how to work your way through. Durham was actually just voted the "Tastiest City in the South" beating out such cities as Austin, New Orleans and Charleston just to name a few. 

I thank Wiki for my ever burgeoning pallate, truth be told I was a picky "plain jane" eater till I met my husband. He wasn't having any of that, he is in perpetual search of a new flavor combo and I think it comes from the fact that he was reared up in one of the best food cities in the country: Boston. The food in that fine city is incredible and then add to it that he is half Italian and half Lebanese and you can imagine that he whipped me right into line.

This weekend the weather was perfect for our jaunt to Big Ed's City Market in Downtown Raleigh...Oh Muh Goodness. So good. 

I did however learn one thing...Do not ever ask your hubs to take pictures when all he can think about his filling up his stomach. He snaps terrible pictures in awkward poses and then gripes when you don't like them. He had a big case of the hanger. 

and then there are my overtly tanned legs...if by tan, I mean not.


 After lunch we stopped by CAM and grabbed a cupcake before heading inside to check out some of the new exhibits. I popped into the restroom and on a whim decided to see if I wanted to open the cardigan and have the belt on the inside. I definitely preferred this look to the previous. My boobs kinda had the look of uneven globes. Never a grand look;)

I really loved this whole exhibit, the whole room was done in different black and white patterns with random eyes popping out from different spots. Do you spy any?

Navy dress, Ross $12.99
Cardigan NY & Co $14
Shoes Payless $15.50(with sale and coupons)
belt, yard sale. fifty cents
They had a scrap metal room where you could make things and my engineer husband made a structure, of course, and I made vases. 

Then after a cocktail alfresca style, we headed to see "42" such a fabulous movie. I can't even explain how amazing that movie was, even if you're not a baseball fan, you must go see it.
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  1. I finally get a chance to read blogs again, and you don't even have a whoopie pie! But your cute outfit makes up for it :)

    Come link up with me!

    And I hope you're having a great day!

  2. Oo~ la la!!
    girl you can work it!!!

  3. I love the red cardigan with the navy dress! gorgeous!

  4. I have the cutest blestie! Now send me that belt and wedges to borrow! It's the rules! ;)

  5. Great dress and I love the cardi belted! Looks like a fun exhibit... I love the floors in there!

  6. Love the belted cardigan around the dress! :)

    Found you via Shanna's linkup!

    xo – Sheila
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  7. Love that pop of color in the cardi. And that last photo looks like a really cool part of the exhibit!


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