WIWW:Mister's Birthday Outfit

If you read Monday's recap then you are aware that it was Wiki's birthday and how much fun we had with our friends...oh, and the little fact that I kinda really like him. 

So, after a full weekend of three different parties/showers, we had the night to ourselves. and it started out with plans for dinner and a movie, but became just a night to hang out with each other. and drink crispin.

But before we came to that conclusion, I got ready for a night out. Actually, let me be honest. I was nannying all day and when E came home from an insanely busy day at the salon, she walked in, looked at my hair and asked "ummmm, are you ready to go?" 

but reading between the lines I could tell what she meant...
You're going with your hair thrown back like that and no makeup? I cannot in good conscience let this happen" Haha

So she made me acceptable wife material for the mister;) 

I mean...Did you see all those awesome things I said about him, how much can be expected of me?!

 It was pretty hot and somewhat later when we were planning to go out and so I wore this really comfy Tshirt dress. Oh, it's so soft and it was a steal at Ross, I don't remember how much exactly, but less than ten dollars. I paired it with some of of stella & Dot jewelry that was free(selling it) and wore these snake skin sandals by Nine West. I love the cork heel. But the price tag was even better. If you have been around these parts for a while...You know how I work. I paid $16 on clearance at Ross.

And here are a few up close of the hair, and this was 4 day hair. I love summer hair. I can go forever without washing it.My hair is super thick and so washing it too much actually dries it out. Ergo, my spiffy glitter shower cap gets all kindsa love this time of year;)

Now you're trying to picture what color glitter my cap is. A lady never tells...

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  1. Well... ooohh la la! Happy Birthday to the Mister indeed! ;) You look gorgy blest!


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