That Annual Day That My Husband Robs

the cradle. And for the next six months he will be my elder. And I remind him of it frequently. For the full six months.

For His birthday, we had a few friends over and these were my drink creations. Recipes coming soon.
 took a twist to the Red Robin Blue Moon shake and made my own and then came up with a bourbon cheerwine daiquiri. Yum and then more yum.

But now I wanted to be share my 35 favorite things about my husband to ring in his 35th year. So you can indulge in them all...or skim. But they're pretty good.

Your voice. I and the rest of the world.
Your compassion for other people.

Your love and pride in being from Boston

Your relationship with your family

Your coolness factor
The fact that everyone who meets you loves you.
Your way past chocolate brown eyes.
Your lips. Pretty much my favorite thing about you;)
Your work ethic, even when I act begrudgingly, it's out of respect
Your brain. But I think it's full. No really, stop learning.
Your sweet potato home fries. Oh. Mah. Goodness
When you fill my car up with gas, like our first date.
How you respect my sports knowledge & will even call me if you have a question.
Your relationship with my brother.
How you treat my.parents
The fact that you plan the best trips ever.
How you have taken me places I would never really go otherwise.
Your relationship with your hs buddies.
How you always drive everywhere. I act all offended, but we all know I hate driving.
Your decorating abilities. People always compliment me on the house. Uh...yea, that's all you.
Your graciousness with my friends.
That you grasped in sickness and health.
That you push me out of my comfort zone. I usually appreciate it later. 
much, much later
That you got your masters at Duke while working well past full time.
That you are so smarty pants mcgee that you created this app from a mere idea. Made it reality and then. Oh you know, no big written up in Forbes magazine!
and won the innovation award for the whole company.
You can check out the video. Wiki is the hot one...With the voice. Mine.

That you plus one my blog pages
Your steak making abilities. Otherworldly.
How much taller you are than me. Our 14 inch height differential gives me hope for our chilrens.
You love the Patriots as much as meeeeee.
How you're buying me a cavapoo. Right?....right? RIGHT?!
Your mutual love of history. Nerds unite.
Wine weekends.

How you look in a pearl snap. Rawr
That you came with one of the best families around. Love me some them!
How you are your own GPS
How you are just pretty awesome.

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12 comments on "That Annual Day That My Husband Robs"
  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!!! I am laughing so hard at you talking about those cake pops!! How are they?

  2. BEST food, BEST drinks! Happy (official) birthday to Tony! You are both equally blessed to have each other! You guys rock!

  3. Wait, hold up. Red Robin makes a Blue Moon shake??? How I was not informed of this? Excuse me while I run to my nearest RR!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Gonna have to lookinto that Blue Moon shake!
    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  5. All that food looks amazing, anything wrapped in bacon is good in my book! Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

  6. That giant whoopie is amazing! And happy birthday to your mister!

  7. Happy Birthday to a wonderful caring person. Maddie your 35 things about Anthony are soooooooo true. Miss you both... LOVE FROM BOSTON

  8. You both are amazing! I always look forward to reading your latest, and this latest one about my cousin, who was my partner in crime before my siblings arrived on the scene was just so touching. Love and miss you both!!

  9. That 35 things list almost made me tear up - is it weird that I might now have a couple-crush on you guys? And your cooking skills look awesome - think you could come and life with us a little bit... please?!

  10. "Your decorating abilities. People always compliment me on the house. Uh...yea, that's all him."... minus the scary owl??? Lol

  11. Your food is killing me... I can hear my stomach right now. That looks SO damn good. Macaroni and cheese is my weakness. Looks like an awesome weekend.

  12. Wrapping things in bacon will make the best weekend ever for me!! And happy belated birthday to the cradle robber :)


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