June's Favorite Things

This month has absolutely flown by!

and guess what...I have lots of favorites. I am not sorry either.
 We went to Williamsburg with my parents for the weekend and Wiki surprised us all with a sailboat sunset trip.
We stopped and got my favorite thing about Williamsburg(other than that whole 'historic' side;) Wine smoothies. The Mango is my favorite.
 I caught up with one of my besties and her twinsies for some ice cream. Love these sweet girls!
 Found out I will be an aunt once again this Christmas. Yay!!!
 Indulged in pretty much the best ever biscottis from Roseanne's in Boston. 
Saw NKOTB, 98 Degrees & Boys ll Men...mainly cause that is what you do when you're awesome.
 Got to participate in The Messy Project. Was so much fun! Loved working with Kelly!

 Got to meet my newest cousin, Mister Jake. Sweet boy.
 Got to enjoy my favorite tea and this view from my aunt's porch,
 Had our ten year anniversiry party! Went with a coral and mint theme!
 My broither was our entertainment for the night. Pretty sure he was singing some Wagon Wheel right here. Yeah, buddy.
 Headed to Myrtle Beach to Nanny, and she gave me perfect beach waves. Loved it.
 Made a peanut butter oreo cheesecake...with just a fork. and oh, muh goodness...people.
 Tried a lovely drink on my last morning, Caramel Apple 
and the view from our Balcony.

Today is my ten year anniversary and we are headed to Jekyll Island and Saint Simons. So some of my favorite moments have yet to happen!

But here are a few shots from our photo shoot. Love me some him!

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8 comments on "June's Favorite Things"
  1. A sailboat sunset trip? Sounds amazing! And I love Myrtle Beach. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. those wine smoothies look OMG good

  3. LOVE the anniversary pictures!!!! I need to see more! And I wish you would surprise me with a sunset cruise ;) Great month..and yes, went by fast!

  4. Your beach waves look so nice! Good look for you :)

  5. WOW! You did have a lot of favorites this month :) Happy Anniversary! I think my favorite of your favorites is that view from your Aunt's porch. I would LOVE to have a view like that from my house some day...but that of course means moving to a different house for me ;) Hope your July is even better!!!

  6. Awww...your photo shoot looks incredible. And Myrtle Beach really did give you the most perfect beach waves! I'm so jealous that you went to that concert...how fun!

  7. That peanut butter oreo cheesecake seriously looks and sounds amazing! Definitely share some! :) Have a great 4th of July!

    ♥ Samantha

  8. June looks like it was a super month! Love those pics of the two of y'all!
    I'm a nanny too! (Part time) :)


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