Our Marriage Is Turning Ten

and so this weekend, we celebrated with some of our family and friends in a low key gathering that involved some of our favorite things: Virginia scenery, Music, food and those closest to us. We were missing our Bostonians though...you were never far from our thoughts( we will see y'all soon!)

Friday my weekend started off right by getting to meet this lil guy. 
  Mister Jake...
My heart is so full for you already! I hope you will always know how loved you are, sweet boy!
Your parents did good!

Saturday morning we headed up to God's Country...
For any of you unsure about where I speak of...
Shame on you;) 

Look at this rainbow...I am so sad that you cannot fully grasp just how bold the colors were and it was a full rainbow! You rarely ever see both ends.

On Sunday, I was sitting on the deck taking in this view drinking my tea and soaking up life. Preparing for the party and just taking a few moments to myself. And I loved this shadow created by the design in the table.

 When we got hitched ten years ago, we registered for a lot of games(we are big fans of 'game night') and we received Jenga...truthfully we never opened it. and I saw an idea on Pinterest to make this a guest book. We just had the meaningful bonus of ours having been from our beginning. Loved reading all the messages. And I had bubble gum as favors.
 Raspberry Pineapple Punch, my mom's fruit and waffle cones and a few of my decorations. Mom, you rocked it out! Everyone loved your idea!
 Bestie Friends(miss Rhonda had already left:(
 Miss Nadiah trying her hand at it. She was so cute, she was making up songs as she went. And when she held it, she asked for a pick to play and then pondered for a second before quipping "I am not sure what song I should play?"
My very talented brother singing some tunes for us, so lucky to listen to him!

This was our amazing digs for the weekend, I only wish I could even try to show how breathtaking their home is, and they let us stay for the weekend and have free reign of it and host our party there.
I am so grateful for my aunt and uncle.

and of course...the whole reason for the party

I cannot believe Friday will be ten years of being his wife! And look at me...I don't look a day over the 24 years old I was when we said I do;)

This week, every day will be marriage/wedding themed. Tomorrow is the story of us(you know you need to know this;) Wednesday will be my thoughts on The Marriage Myths people put forth vs the truth, Thursday will be my top ten pieces of advice I have learned and Friday, the 28th is our actual ten year annv. and I will share my top ten moments from our marriage. 

But now I am headed to the beach...to nanny. Tenuous work, but somebody has to do it.
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5 comments on "Our Marriage Is Turning Ten"
  1. Babies....rainbows...and parties....pretty awesome weekend if you ask me!! Loved seeing all the pics from the party :) Yay for a decade of L-O-V-E!!!!

  2. Happy 10 years!!!!! Can't wait to read more this week!

  3. Congrats on 10 years!! My husband and I just celebrated 10 years as well... And I see you are a VA native!! VA over here as well but NOVA near DC.

  4. Missed you both. Glad your day was filled with family and friends. What a lovely time., Love from Boston

  5. Looks like so much fun!!!! Happy Anniversary!!


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