He Put A Ring On It

and since next weekend marks our ten year annv, we're gonna take a trip down good ole memory lane.

Fan Friday is back and yes, I am capable of entwining the two subjects. Especially due to the fact that I got engaged at center court in one of my favorite places in the world...

Cameron Indoor Stadium...
or for you guys that are not all that into sports, it is best known as where
 Duke is the lay of the Land.

Some of you may be thinking..."That doesn't seem very romantic" 

You'd be all kinds of wrong;)

It was my first year working part time in the Sports info office on campus and that first year I helped out whenever I was needed but my specific job that year was to go through archives of all the old pictures (dating back till way too long before I was even born) and once they were uploaded I had to put them in specific sports categories and then in individual labels. It was a Friday in October and I was in the office preparing to leave. I may have mentioned to my boss that I needed to leave early and I think I may have even said I had a doctors appt. All I knew is that my sissy in law was visiting from Florida with my two nephews and I needed to get home to Virginia...stat. 

Meanwhile, Wiki may have already told them the plan and that I may say anything to get home early...busted. haha So I tell them I really need to leave around 1:30 and they ask me to stay just till two b/c we have to take some pictures of the basketball team after practice. My first thought was "why would they want me anywhere near the team with a camera and ummmm, don't we have professionals for that? " but I did what I was told.

Basketball practice ended and Christy and I head in and it is very quiet, like you could hear a pin drop. I am wondering where everyone is when all of the sudden...

A huge(and I do mean huge) banner drops from the stands and I just see the words "marry me" and I go "Oh, how sweet someone is practicing to propose to someone" Yeah,...slightly behind the game. especially once you guys notice what is on the sign. ha

Christy is looking at me like I am kinda off my rocker...and all of the sudden the door to the far left opens and all I could hear were these footsteps crossing the floor(it really was like something out of a movie, no sounds but his feet on the hardwood) and when I turned I saw him, with a grin, flowers and a ring box...I quickly reread the sign and I remember completely being taken off guard. I actually started backing up because I couldn't even believe it was happening.

He Came right to center court, I am bawling at this point and he says.

"Will you make me the luckiest man alive and give me the pleasure of having you as my wife"

I squeaked out and just barely...

"You know I will"

And now, looking at these pictures...let's judge me on a) my roots? hellooooo. b) where was my makeup? c) What in hades was I wearing?

Haha So this is my fan Friday...next Friday will be ten years of being hitched. In the eleven plus years I have been at this fine university I have witnessed many fabulous things....but this is always my favorite thing that ever happened there.

Next week I will have everything you never wanted to know about my big day;)

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10 comments on "He Put A Ring On It"
  1. I had goosebumps through this whole post. I love cameron indoor. I have gotten to see a few games there, but they were all over Christmas break while the students were gone, so they weren't quite as crazy as normal games! This was a beautiful proposal. Love it.

  2. Omg Love this! THat is super cute. I always thought it would be so cool to have a proposal in the middle of an arena, but I don't want it to be in front of a million people. This is the perfect combo!!
    Congrats on 10 years! Not easy!


  3. Love this!!! This was the perfect proposal for you! I died laughing when you said "what in hades was I wearing?" Hahahhah! Happy almost anniversary!

  4. This is SUCH a sweet story! It's so cool that you have those memories every time you go to the stadium!

    1. yes...just beating out all the wins vs Carolina;) haha

  5. Straight out of a movie!!! I love it! Happy almost 10 years to you two :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I randomly came across this from Bloglovin'. SO awesome!!!

    Congratulations...and ps---I think you are adorable in all of your pics...but you made me smile with your a. b. and c. prompts on the overhauls photo :) Too cute!

    Yay for engagement!! Marriage rocks!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate it.and yes, marriage does rock!

  7. Replies
    1. thanks so much! I do love how it happened:) very much me.


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