Hanging Tough & Preparing to Get Messy

Can I just mention how awesome the next ten days should be...

Tonight I am heading with some of my favorites to Charlotte to see NKOTB, Boys ll Men and 98 Degrees in concert. Some of you may think this lame, my feelings cannot be hurt. 

I am gonna sing all kindsa loud and hoot and holler and have myself a blast with thousands of other hot ladies reliving our childhood.

And I will mention that I may have seen them more since I turned 30 than I did when I was a teenager.

and then tomorrow is the reveal for this months Messy Project and I am so stoked to share what I ended up coming up with. I had so much fun and Kelly's concept is super awesome.

Then tomorrow afternoon we add a new member to the family as baby Jake finally arrives! Cannot wait to hold him! This is the year of babies for us. A new niece in Jan, my cousin Justin and his wife welcomed Micah in May, Jake is this week to Brandy and E.G. and in December we get another niece or nephew!

Friday I head up to Virginia to prepare for our ten year annv. party. I cannot believe we have been hitched for almost 10 years. I still look 25;) 

On Monday I head to the beach with the little boy I nanny and his momma(one of my besties) for the week to have some relaxing time.

And then on Friday, the mister and I head to Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island for some much needed "just us" time!

Can't even stand it I am so excited!

See you guys tomorrow for the big reveal!!!
4 comments on "Hanging Tough & Preparing to Get Messy"
  1. so jelous you are going to see NKOTB!

  2. SO JEAL that you're going to Jekyll Island - we honeymooned there and I would happily give a limb to go back. I'm thinking maybe 5 year anniversary trip?... ha! We absolutely adored it there. Have fun!!

  3. Step by step...oooh baby... gonna get to you giiiiirrrrrrl!!! That is what's now in my head. Probably for the rest of the afternoon.

  4. I saw them on Friday!!! It was amazing!!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the concert..


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