The Messy Project

Today is the big reveal for The Messy Project. 
I love Kelly's blog and am super stoked to be a part of it. If you are unfamiliar with the concept(and if so, why?!?!;) 

Here is the set up.

"One of the main reasons I love fashion is because you can make it your own. Everyone can have the same exact clothes but the way you style & wear it, is your choice. It gives you a chance to express your inner fashonista... I can look at a top & style it completely different than someone else would & to me that's cool." -Kelly

The Deal:
1 item
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day

Can we take a few moments to talk about how excited/nervous I was about being participatory in this project? I waited(not overly patient) and conjured up images in my mind of what item Kelly might be sending. And then the day arrived when my mail box finally beheld my item and I ripped into that package in front of pretty much errrrybody at the Post Office.

When I saw it was this, 

I couldn't believe it.
 I had searched high and low for a coral skirt. Our ten year annv party is this wknd and our colors are coral and mint and I wanted to wear a coral skirt for some pictures we are having done. I was so elated.

and then...
I tried it on and at first, the whole poofy skirt craze, hated my hips and my hips kinda totally hated it back Actually, that is probably an understatement, my hips totally wanted to kick this skirt's a$$.. No love lost. And then, I realized how fun this was supposed to be and that I just had to embrace it and make it mine. Part of the battle to looking good is feeling good. And I did. And now, I adore this skirt in all its poofy glory...

Playing off of our theme, I went against my initial urge to dress this up with a white collared shirt, passed by the thought to pair it with a vest and snatched this mint/white chevron tank. 

and then I took Wiki with me shopping for accessories and I mentioned how I had to buy items against my first pairing thoughts and...let's just say he would nix everything I held up and told me I was being too comfortable. So the necklace and bracelet you will see...were picked out and purchased by him. He did a rather stand up job...

We headed to one of our favorite parks nearby to snap a few shots...and then he made me take roughly 150 so pics...and then I was over it. And there was a tree with bees and he is allergic...and I may or may not have pretended to brush them off of him in an effort to end our photo session;)

Here is a close up of how I accessorized. 

And then, later on that night, my friend Megs took a few when it was dark out and I switched it up and added a jean jacket and lighter shoes. Haven't decided which look I like best. 

Chevron Tank- Rue 21
Navy Cardigan- NY & Co
Skirt- F21
shoes(first pair) Guess
jewelry- Belk
Jean Jacket-Old Navy
Shoes(second pair)- Payless

Now go check out these other lovely ladies and the way they styled their skirts:)
16 comments on "The Messy Project"
  1. I love the color of the skirt and you look great!

  2. I love the mint and coral together! I'm digging it with the jean jacket!

  3. Both looks are cute! I think I like the denim jacket best, but that's because it looks casual and chic. I live for casual.

  4. Very cute! Love the mint and coral!

  5. You look great in it and your hips were lying!

  6. I love how you styled this, so pretty and lady like!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. CUTEEEE! I love everything about this! That chevron tank is perfection with that skirt!

  8. I love that skirt. It is soo adorable!! You totally rocked it, and I just signed up for the Messy Project.

  9. Looks great both ways but the jean jacket is my fav look! So fun you stepped out of your comfort zone! GO YOU! I need to get pieces with that color combo!

    Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

  10. what a lovely outfit on you!
    the chevron tank and skirt are both adorable.
    floral & fudge

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I love how all the patterns compliment each other. You look beautiful (:

  13. LOVE the skirt!!!! You dressed it so adroable friend!! And the hubs? He done did good on the accessories ;) Now I can't wait to see the anniversary pictures and so excited to see all the details from the party!!!

  14. I LOVE the way the shirt looks on you. It's adorable. I love the fun mix of colors you did. The mint is so pretty again the coral. Of course I'm obsessed with the blazer & glasses you added. So fabulous!! Thank you SO much for all your hard work with the project. It was so much fun having you & I could not have asked for a better job. Please come back anytime & play!!! Xoxo

  15. Love how you styled it! this is my favorite out of them all, hands down!!!

  16. Cute outfit! I love it with the jean jacket


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