That One Time I Corrected A Group Of Men

about their incorrect knowledge of sports....

I think this may be one of my favorite link ups. Fan Friday.

Well...for starters I am the kind that actually knows what I am talking about and therefore I sometimes, before I even think, will interject the real statistic if I hear someone spewing off one that is off the mark.

I am not someone who "knows a lot about sports for a girl" That makes me laugh, especially bc I usually know more about sports than most people. period. I have never. and I do mean never, lost a sports trivia game at a bar.  I was the manager for the football, basketball and baseball teams at my college. The fist time I worked for ESPN I was 16 and didn't even have my license. I was the promotions director for a minor league team and then at 22, I was an asst gm for a college summer league team, the youngest at the time. The last eleven years I have worked in an Sports Info office at a major university(in my 11 years, we have won over 10 national championships in different sports, some of you love to hate this school;) So it is kinda my job to know things.

I was at a bar a few years ago, I worked there part time doing scheduling/training. It was during the world series between the Rangers/Cardinals. And the Rangers were putting out home runs and two players in particular were responsible for multiple RBI's and I over heard this conversation after an RBI

guy a "man, the Rangers are just flat out crushing the ball this series. Cruz and Napoli have to be close to breaking the record."

guy b "Yeah, a few more and I think that Cruz by himself will break Mickey Mantle's world series record."

and then me(out of complete left field) "uh, that'd be kinda impossible" and then crickets bc I couldn't believe I just corrected a group of grown men I didn't know...

Guy b, with a smirk "oh, yeah, and why is that? He is pretty close and there could be more games"

Me "I don't care if there is a hundred more games, he cannot break Mickey Mantle's record"

Him" Ok, sure, you one of those Yankee fans who can't take your records falling?"

Me "Am I a Yankees fan? Yes, but that has little to do with the fact that he cannot break Mickey Mantle's record...that he doesn't even hold"

Him with a sligthly befuddled, less cocky look, "what? yes he does? Why don't you tell me who does then?

Me "Bobby Richardson, the second baseman, he is the only player to ever win a world series MVP for a team that didn't win the world series. In 1960 against the pirates.(he hit six in one game alone and matsui tied that record) but he had 12 for the whole series.

And then another voice pipes up "haha dude, she's right, I just googled Bobby Richardson"
(my thoughts were, you had to google Bobby Richardson?!?!?!)
Me" I am glad you need google Bobby Richardson?\to tell you what my brain already has stored"

Let me tell you, boy was not amused. I have always had people say how men would just love me for my sports knowledge, well ladies, sometimes they think it is cool, but normally when you know a decent amount but a majority do not like it at all if you know more than them.

Good thing my hubs can handle his losses to a real man;)

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7 comments on "That One Time I Corrected A Group Of Men"
  1. I just found your blog through Sarah. I'm so glad that I found you. I know a lot about sport too, and people tell me I know too much for a girl. I usually correct them with I know sports period. I like it. I work in the sports industry. Now what you are passionate about.


  2. I bow down to you. I bow down in all of your sports loving glory. There is NO better feeling than correcting a know it all guy. You go, girlfriend.

  3. i tend to think my vass knowledge of sports as been my downfall in many a relationship. :(

  4. Umm you are AWESOME!!!!! Visiting from Sarah's link up.

  5. Damn Maddie! Go Girl! I know ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, about sports. I thing girls that know sports stats really rock!! And the fact that you worked at ESPN!.... Can I have your autograph? :)


  6. hahahaha It's amazing how some men are threatened by a woman with smarts. :)


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