An Outfit Befitting The Island Vibe

This past weekend we traipsed down to Saint Simons and Jekyll Island to celebrate our anniversary. We had such an amazing time and I will have plenty more pictures and tid bits to share with you guys soon...lest you guys get in a tizzy;)

This outfit was what I wore yesterday on our last morning before we headed home...and back to life, back to reality{admit it, you're singing that song now, huh? what's wrong with you?!}

I got this dress a few months ago from Ross and the beach was the perfect place to sport it, plus Wiki bought me a necklace while we were on the island that seemed to be made for the dress.

I kept my jewelry simple, just the necklace that he gave me and my new coral sunglasses that I scored fro less than 5 bucks at Charming Charlie last week, they're kinda funky and I was in a mood to rock them. 
 The front lawn of the hotel, they had a croquet set up and ready for me to kill it.
 Relaxing on the front porch in some of the lovely rocking chairs.

 We made a pit stop at Glory Beach on the other end of the Island.
Loved how these trees framed the walk way to the beach.
There's my mannnn waiting for me at the end of the walk. 
 Normally I would wear wedges with this, but that wouldn't be in my favor while trying to walk the beach. Instead I wore some of my absolute favorite flip flops I got from Target. So beyond comfy.
 Look at the clouds rolling in on the beach. We got out just in time.

Loved our trip. We have been there before, but I cannot say enough good things about the area, especially the staff and everyone involved with our stay at Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

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5 comments on "An Outfit Befitting The Island Vibe"
  1. In LOVE with this dress blest! Looks gorgy on you with that beautiful island background :)

  2. What a colorful dress :) Your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Love that dress! I went to St Simons island waaaay back in 1998!
    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  4. Love the look !!! You look awesome... Love from Boston

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