Jumpin On A Train To Never Ever Ever Land

I have been seeing a few posts for the Never Ever link up and decided it would be a fun change from my normal routine.

I will never ever be happy when I go to a restaurant and they offer Pepsi products instead of Coke. Yes, I am aware I live in North Carolina, home to Pepsi. I do not care. I am a coke loving girl. Cherry Coke... even better. And to my husband who says they taste the same. "NOOOO"

I will never ever prefer cold weather to hot weather. I will take 95' and a 100% humidity over 50' any day. I would wear sweaters, skinny jeans and boots year round if I could. I love to be warm. True story. When Wiki goes to work...I may or may not turn the thermostat to 80' and then about an hour before he comes home...I turn it down. I do not feel bad about this. But, you know, let's keep this a secret. K? Thanks.

I will never ever be crafty. I mean, when I wrapped washi tape around a letter it was as if I had chiseled my own headboard out of a tree I chopped down that morning. My mind is very crafty...My hands...not so much.  Washi tape almost convinced me otherwise. But I came to my senses.

I will never ever and I do mean ever...watch a scary movie. No thanks. I am so terrified when the Conjuring commercials come on that I turn the channel immediately. It makes me really pissed when I go to see a funny movie and there is a preview for a scary movie. Wrong on many levels, people.

While I love visiting Boston and other parts of New England and it is pretty much my second home. I will never ever not be country girl from the South. Moonshine, big trucks, banjos and bonfires. Yes,

I will never ever be a beer drinker, even if I got tricked by making my blue moon milkshake that I could possilby like it a little bit. I was wrong. Even when I tried this blue moon cocktail..I could barely drink it. Bourbon any day of the week.

I will never ever not watch Sportscenter more than once a day. I may miss something and it could cost me a trivia game;)

Such a fun idea, girls!

and of course, lest you think I could let Taste Of Tuesday slip by, on my other blog, Thankfull Tummy, I am bringing you this.
Chocolate Coconut Cheeseball

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6 comments on "Jumpin On A Train To Never Ever Ever Land"
  1. I'm the same when it comes to being crafty..I have it in my mind, but my hands not so much.

    And I TOTALLY agree about Coke vs. Pepsi. It should almost be a sin (because I"m from EASTERN NC..home of Pepsi), but I love me a Coke. Way more than Pepsi.

  2. I love Pepsi and hate Coke but find most places I go in NC and SC have Coke to drink. I am very pro warm/hot weather though, I refuse to move our AC off of 82 and make everyone else just suffer through!

  3. I am with you on the hot over cold my friend! That is why I am a spoiled Cali girl with my "seasons" ;) And say what you will, but you are starting to get kind of crafty on me...

  4. I grew up with Pepsi but once I left home I became a Coke girl and never looked back. I giggled at your Sportscenter one, especially because of the trivia connection - I'm the same! And oh, that chocolate coconut cheeseball looks fab.

  5. My husband says the same thing about Coke and Pepsi and I think he's crazy. In Texas, most places have Coke but when I travel or find that rare place with Pepsi it is ALWAYS when I am craving some caffeine and I have to pout a little!

  6. It's always such a let-down for me when a restaurant serves Pepsi--Coke girl forever! And I'm the same way about beer, it's just not for me. Visiting from the link-up!


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