Blue Moon Milkshake

 Before I get to my cocktail today, I am also guest posting over at Bumps Along The Way, discussing my struggles with infertility and how I came about with the whole idea behind the infertility prayer project. I woke up to the sweetest email from her a few weeks ago, sharing her heart with me and I am so glad she found me, She is the sweetest and next week I will be featuring her story over here. So if you have a moment, go meet Sydney.

The idea for this came about a few months ago when the hubs and I were eating at Red Robin{ a rare occurrence because he has an aversion to chains} and as I was looking over their menu, I noticed a "blue moon milkshake" and I was pretty intrigued. I didn't order it but kept the idea in the back of my mind for a perfect time to make one.

When I had Wiki's birthday party, I knew that was the time. Since men were in abundance and I wanted something summery, but not just beer...this seemed the perfect compromise. For me anyways bc I abhor beer. and isn't it about me, even on his birthday? I will go with yes.. I also made the cheerwine daiquiri, but I wanted another option.

Here is what I came up with. 
{for 2 large or 3 medium servings}

3 cups vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup blue moon
2 oz cointreau
2 oz oj
1 cup ice

Pour all ingredients into blender and blend to your desired consistency. Top with whip cream and an orange slice. Enjoy.

I actually liked this. It was pretty similar to a creamsicle, but not overly sweet. And you can play around with how much you want of each ingredient. It plays all to your taste. 

All I know is I finally found a way to enjoy a beer with the mister. Score!

and since this blog has turned more into a lifestyle blog and away from my original blog premise, I have started another blog that will be solely based on food/drinks. If you follow me on here, I'd love for you to follow me on there also:)

                                                         The thankFull Tummy

6 comments on "Blue Moon Milkshake"
  1. Um..yum.. and um.. I am so excited for the foodie blog! Teach me your yummy ways oh wise one ;)

  2. seriously?! YUM!! i'm making the pineapple/rum/dark choc things tonight :)

  3. Omgsh you had me at milkshake..this looks amazing!

  4. OMG!! This sounds super interesting. I can't say that I would order it if I saw it but I'll take your word on it that it's good. Maybe I'll expand my horizons!!

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