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was this past Friday, it was my first "blog meetup" if you will. I have been on two 'blates' before, but this was my first event. It was put together by the lovely Ashley & Angela and it was at a local boutique. We had a really good time and it was fun to meet so many local ladies. Especially the few I had interacted with via bloggy land.

Love these ladies, so sweet!
and let's discuss how I seemed to forget the rule of thumb when taking a picture...arm out! I scream "Hi, Just call me awkward" in this picture. haha it's cool;)

My favorite part of the night was when we had speed blates. One minute per girl and we had one minute to answer some quick questions.

A few of my favorite questions were

Do you have a bloggy bestie?. and duh, of course I do, well actually a 'blestie" and it is the ever lovely Brianne from Being Bracco. and no big deal, this week is her birthday...go say "hi" if you haven't yet. She is way more interesting than me. I promise.

Another question I loved was "has a blogger inspired you" There has been too many to count. Blogging is made up of so many women who are constantly sharing their lives and in turn, a plethora of stories have made an impression on me. Since it was a minute and I didn't want to be too serious, I chose one of my other bloggy besties, Sarah from Tucker Up. Yeah, people...she is on a buying hiatus and is making do for this whole year with only what she already has in her closet. Say what...

And for the last question I thought was really fun "have you ever met anyone famous?" Ummm, I worked for ESPN for a few years. My list of famous people is rather long. And before I got crazy lucky and met my husband, my previous bfs were athletes. One played baseball and I met a few 'famous' people that way and I dated a football player in that probably every one of you know. He is pretty well known and we dated for almost two years in college. And he will remain nameless. I will let you all dream up scenarios as to who it is. Haha let's just say... beyond glad I married Wiki. He was a great guy, just not what I wanted for my life. Besides, I gained lots of weight since then and would be the 'fat' wife getting judged by every possible media outlet. People are mean. haha

Meet my new bloggy friend, Hannah, from Swirl of Cinnamon. She made tasty coconut and key lime tarts and they were wonderful! and because I am smart...I asked her to guest post, hello, of course I am bringing her goodness to you. I am no dummy.

then we had a guest speaker, Mary, the social media director for Clothes Hound, touched base on the best way to properly grow your blog. It opened my eyes to a few areas. Was so much fun and I already am anticipating the fall one!

On Saturday we had a dinner party with some friends and I watched Jackson that morning and so all my cooking was done over there. I made some pancetta/prosciutto mac & cheese.
My hair was still happening, after two days by Miss Elizabeth. didn't see a hair brush for three days. Messy Hair don't care.

Making a homemade 'alfredo' for the macaroni.

Made lots of whoopie pies and a certain little boy may have taken a bite out of more than one whoopie. Uh, huh...

Yesterday we went for brunch at Buku and then to see an afternoon show at the Rialto theater near downtown. It is an older theater with just one screen and they usually show more independent/less run shows. We saw the Way Way Back. Oh, my gosh, so good! Go see this movie if you get a chance.

Then we went shopping. Why is it that guys take way more time buying something than girls?!? I was over it halfway in;) haha

If you want to see the food portion of my weekend, head over to the Thankfull Tummy.

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12 comments on "NC Blogger Buzz"
  1. you blest! Glad you had a great time...and the dress you picked out...adorable on you ;)

  2. So glad I got to meet you Maddie! You look super cute in the picture, not awkward. :)
    Yum, I agree - those treats were delish!

  3. speed blates sounds fun!
    dying to know who this football player is now haha

  4. I loved the blate! The rest of your weekend looks like a blast have my curiosity peaked with that football player.

  5. It was so great to see you again!!! Lets get together again really soon!!


  6. Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I am so behind on my blog reading!

  7. Aw great seeing bloggers getting together!

  8. I am an NC blogger, too!!! Where were you guys? I live in Charlotte. Great to see neighbor bloggers! I saw you on the link up! :)

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