Getting Jekyll With It weekend happenings are from a weekend that happened two weeks ago. Apparently, I am slow to the draw. Either was a grand ole time and you are going to be so delighted you decided to read about my past trip;) no? Yes!

As some of you know, a few weeks ago was my ten year anniversary and Wiki took me to Saint Simons and Jekyll Island, Georgia. 

I was in Myrtle Beach nannying for the week and he picked me up before we slowly(and I mean s.l.o.w.l.y.) meandered our way down hwy 17 towards coastal Georgia.

When he picked me up, he handed me this rose and jokingly quipped "Will you accept this rose?" he is a keeper;)

We have had such a great time celebrating ten years of being hitched. so...
prepare for a large photo barrage;) as in...roughly 6200 or so.

First up, we stopped for a quick lunch at Pawley's Island

We then made a pit stop in Georgetown, SC.  Look at these chocolates! I got the bourbon ones...obviously.
It was such a quaint little town and I loved walking around.
They had a sailing school in session. How cute!
Finally, around 7:30( you thought I was exaggerating when I said slowly, you'll think better next time;) We made our way into the lovely Island of Saint Simons and since we were hungry, we checked in and headed right for dinner. We Stopped in at Brogen's. My burger was really good. 
and then we had a quick drink before heading to our Inn for some sleep...

Saturday morning we lounged by the pool for a few minutes before heading out for some lunch

It was some pretty tasty BBQ, it has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. I absolutely loved the location...and while the food was good, I think I am just spoiled by Durham's bbq;)
I was absolutely in love with this drive. So relaxing and just gorgeous.
 We stopped at Christ Church to walk around for a bit, one of the many historic stops on the Island.
 And probably my favorite part of the island, Fort Fredrica. We were able to check out the last remaining remnants of the towne and they were engaged in a reenactment while we were there.
In other words, I, the prolific history nerd was salivating at the mouth.

Then we headed to Coast Guard Beach for a bit to catch some rays.

We had dinner at Coastal Kitchen at the Marina in Saint Simons. I loved this place, they went above and beyond, they saved us a table with the most amazing view, wrote on our napkins, gave us dessert on the house...oh, and the whole bottomless wine glass concept. My love was swift and forever.

Next up, drinks at this sweet little spot.
On our last morning in Saint Simons, we had breakfast at 4th of May...maybe the worst service ever, but this view and my burger made up for it.
Had time for some shopping...of course!
Loved the clouds over the lighthouse. Not the lightning storm that followed....

This picture was a complete accident and it is one of my favorite captures ever, we were driving over the bridge to Jekyll Island and the wind gave the shot this wavy effect.
We stayed at the Jekyll Island Club, which is located in the historic district. I cannot say enough about our stay here. The service was fantastic and we loved everything about our stay. 
 Happy Hour is all day on in ALL Day. and your girl took note. Woot.
The view from our room.
The streets of historic Jekyll Island.
Faith Chapel. Someone needs to get married here and invite us. Any takers?
We went to the dinner/dance they have every Sunday. Oh my gosh, it was awesome. The food was fantastic and how fun is live music and dancing. The best part is there are couples who have been going every Sunday for over 30 years. How sweet is that?!
Wiki had surprised me with strawberries and Champagne in the room for our annv. and then the hotel ended up giving it to us on the house due to us spending our ten year on the Island. 
 After breakfast on Monday before heading home, we explored the island a little more and stopped on Glory Beach...and about 5 min after this shot it was pouring...pouring...

 Took this from the passenger seat going about 45 mph as we headed off the island...patting myself on the back for this.  Humbleness is my specialty.

Bye Bye Golden Isles, we will be back!

Thanks to the ever lovely Sara from Social Sara for giving me lots of Saint Simons hints, we loved our time there and Coastal Kitchen was excellent!!!

and speaking of Social Sara...she is co hosting the coolest blog swap for all of you monogram lovers, head over and check it out!

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  1. Seriously gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit that part if the day :)

    The places you saw and staying look so fun! And that bridge pic is crazy.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I love the gorgeous photos! Looks like you had an amazing time :D
    Stopping by from Weekend Shenanigans ♥

  3. Hey Maddie, I'm a new follower on GFC from the Monday Morning Gossip. Seems like you had lots of fun. I'm envious, haven't had a vacay in a long while!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


  4. That's it..I am quitting my job and just going to travel with you...tell me that wouldn't be awesome ;)

  5. Great pictures! The truffle pictures are amazing.. I am such a foodie with a sweet tooth so naturally I love them already!

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