Cheerwine Daiquiri

Or as they like to reference it here, ‘the nectar of North Carolina” I wonder if Pepsi drinkers would disagree as to which is the more popular homegrown drink. I will chime in with my favorite. Coke. Oops, not a Carolina original? Too bad, still my favorite;) but Wiki loves cheerwine. He much prefers it to cherry coke or Pepsi. My feelings towards it are somewhere along the lines of ‘meh’ My brother in law loves it so much that we sent him a huge gift basket of it for his birthday.

Anyways, I was taking a quick stop in Food Lion(aka.. the worst grocery store in the world) and as I was running in to grab something quickly I spied
Cheerwine sherbet. Say what?! I stored this info in my trusty little good wife memory bankand around his birthday, pulled from the recesses of my thoughts.
I bought the sherbet with the original intention to make a cheerwine float. When I remembered I had cherry bourbon, I decided to make a daiquiri.

Truthfully…the cherry bourbon was too much, well…too much cherry. The next time I made it, I felt it needed the good stuff to really perfect this recipe. Plain old bourbon, rum, a little cheerwine and cheerwine sherbet is all it took. Oh, and obviously whip cream and a bourbon soaked cherry. I should mention that the second time, I loved it. Surprise surprise. As usual… plain ole bourbon makes everything better!

1 cup cheerwine sherbet
1 oz bourbon
1 oz dark rum
½ cup cheerwine(flat)
½ cup ice

Place all ingredients in blender and blend till desired consistency.
Pour in glass and top with whip cream and a cherry.

I used some of my bourbon soaked cherries. They’re really easy to make. Buy a bottle of cherries and pour out half the juice and fill with bourbon. Let sit and use as needed. Just, ummm, remember to mention they’re bourbon cherries when you use them in cocktails. Otherwise your friends will get to the bottom of their drink and eat their cherry. And chaos will ensue when they think your cherries have gone bad and are poisoning people;) Some girls just can’t handle their bourbon. hahahaha

****if you cannot find cheerwine sherbet, you could just use vanilla ice cream, a couple table spoons cherry juice(grenadine) with the bourbon, rum and cheerwine.

7 comments on "Cheerwine Daiquiri"
  1. When I make bourbon cherries, I pour out all the juice and replace it with bourbon... :) This sounds awesome, I totally agree, plain old bourbon DOES make everything better!

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  2. Yum this looks so good!! We don't have Cheerwine Sherbet around us but we're driving through NC in a few weeks so maybe we will make some hotel dranks!! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I would totally make this with strawberries!

  4. This sounds amazing!! Gosh every week someone links up something amazing. You girls are going to turn me into a major drinker! Thanks for linking up with Steph and I, if you get a chance head over to my blog and check out the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network!

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