Those Purple Skies

 And I have some things I am happy/amused about over this past week. and when you see number 5 on my should be pretty equally amused. If not...then perhaps you are lacking in the awesome department? 

 it is Friday and in honor of 

1)I thought I could introduce those of you who are unfamiliar with Jason Adamo Band, he is a local  Raleigh guy and his voice in this song...uh, yeah...

2) I had a pampered chef party and all my goodies came in. and no, not all of them were mine;) just two boxes. time to get my groove cooking on.
3) I stumbled onto a huge Sperry's sale for 50% off and then I had an exrta 20% off coupon. Woo hoo.
4) Then I found these awesome bags and they were just about the same deal. They scream "Happiness" to me. Listen close, I bet you can hear.
5) Wiki and I had a little row and yes, it ended up making one of my top five things of the week and here is why

this card. 
4 days later and I still cannot stop laughing whenever I see it. It was not even a particularly in depth tift, certainly not a big to do. Which is why this is so funny. Plus, if you know my'd know why this is even funnier. He is an engineer. They're not supposed to be so amusing;)

In case you cannot read what it says, I will translate.

It is him holding flowers and saying 
" I'm sorry"

and then me saying...hahahahah sorry, laughing again.

"It's ok, you're so damn sexy"
{and, even better...}
"Let's go party"

ahahahaahah and I mean, how can you be mad after that?!

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8 comments on "Those Purple Skies"
  1. What a fun week! I LOVE sperry's and those purses look super cute, too!

  2. Haha that card IS super adorable!

  3. Such a cute card. I'm sure it made everything better :)

  4. Sperry Sale?!?!?! And how come I wasn't invited to your Pampered Chef party? Just sayin ;)

  5. Fun week! Great finds!

    Visiting from Insta-Friday!
    Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations

  6. I so want a pair of Sperry's. 50% off, seriously?

  7. I'm excited for all your new Pampered Chef pieces!
    I love the new little gadgets that my mother-in-law got me recently!

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