1) Last Friday there was a boutique blowout in Raleigh, a bunch of boutiques were at the new Hampton Inn and the two ballrooms were decked out with goodies up to 75%off. Plus, there were free cupcakes and cocktails. I mean... hello.
 I scored these awesome finds for under $25, this is the back of the maxi dress. I die. 
and then when my night seemed it could get no better, I walked out to...
Food Trucks! Yum dee dum. 
I got bacon & cheddar on sourdough. life made.
I was able to run into a few bloggers and tonight Ashley from Dancing with Ashley & Angela from Head to Toe chic are hosting a blogger meet up. Super excited!

2) I was able to spend the night with my cousin to give her a break and a little sleep bc she has a brand new baby. It was all fun and games till she forgot to mention her sons favorite toy. Which I didn't notice as I walked into the bathroom.
Suffice it to say...I am still not over it a week later.
Luckily for her, Jake is pure sweetness and I love how Wiki looks holding him.
  My baby fever hit...a fever pitch;)

3) Wiki picked me up and we went for an overnight trip to a quaint little lake town near the mountains, Badin. We stayed at a historic Golf Inn & Resort. 
Nothin like a grape nehi and the open road.
and then on our way home we stopped by one of the many vineyards. 
One of the many reasons to visit Carolina, we have gone to over 15 and haven't thought of seeing half of them.

4) I decided to start another blog and I debuted it this week. My original premise behind this blog was to just share recipes. It became much more than that, but I wanted an avenue that was back to basics.
If you have a moment, check it out, especially if you like to indulge when you travel, there will be many tips and places to hit on this blog. The thankFull Tummy.

5) Last night my bestie and I went to see Wolverine. I mean, aside from Hugh Jackman being, well...Hugh Jackman, the movie was fabulous. You must go see it! And stay through the credits. Hint hint.

Those are my five things I am loving for the week. Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. No travelling for us. I am so elated I cannot even tell you!

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6 comments on "Fiveish"
  1. Yes! I want to see Wolverine so bad. I couldn't even watch Les Mes with Hugh Jackman because I was waiting for him to bust some asses Wolverine style the whole time.

    Speaking of dreamy- that baby. Wow. So cute!

    Have a great Friday!

  2. So jealous of people who live near vineyards- such fun! I'll have to see the movie- I love going to the movies especially when I need some AC in the summer!

  3. Love the maxi dress! The Vineyard looks beautiful! I need to visit Carolina one of these days :-)

  4. That maxi dress is gorgeous!! Seriously can Hugh Jackman look any hotter?! Wiki does look good holding a baby!! Get it girl! :)

  5. What in the world is Nehi?? And I am still traumatized by your IG post about the snake.


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