This little day called 'Friday'

My week has been pretty fabulous.  And we have been all kindsa busy. For the first time I am being participatory in 7 quick takes. It may will limit my ramblings and we all want that. and yes, I linked up for fan Friday, you guys are welcome for my one paragraph about fandom. Guess what, I also watched the Espy's twice;)

1) On Friday night, we headed to this Italian restaurant next door to our house, we had heard good things, but never ended up going. Oh. My. Gosh. Life changing, people. I have been lucky enough to eat in over 15 restaurant that have been tabbed “top 50” places to eat in the country and I can, with zero qualms, declare that this was one of the top 5 meals I have ever eaten. Wiki ordered steak & it was tasty, but nothing like my pasta. I ordered blackened chicken and bourbon cream sauce. Oh my gosh. I may be drooling. If you live anywhere near the triangle Carolina, get to Bruno’s near Wake Forest. Do Ittttttt.

2)Jackson's birthday party was last Saturday and we went with a nautical blue and white theme. Thank you 4th of July goodies for being 75% off. As I was buying a few last items for the party…I got “stuck” in Target(poor pitiful me;) in the pouring rain that has been happening for, I don’t know…ever. And while I was waiting, I noticed the talenti sea salt caramel bars were on sale. And let’s talk about how I wish I had never bought them. Please go out and buy every box. Save me from myself..

3)On Sunday, we traipsed to Williamston for a horse showing. My aunt was showing her Vanner Gypsy and it was nice to hang out with them and my parents for the day. The horse is so beautiful and Shea has only been riding here for two weeks and they placed in quite a few categories!

4)Afterwards, we drove about another half hour to the lovely and charming town of Washington, NC. These pictures cannot even begin to do justice for the sunset we got to witness. Beyond incredible. We had a tasty meal with a view of the water.

5)Yay for all star break! I got to watch one of my favorite players, Mariano Rivera, pitch an awesome eighth inning. And oh, yea…it meant dinner with one of our best couple friends! It was a blast getting to hang out with them. Wiki and their son, Blake, had a grand ole time playing ‘bbq’ haha I am sad we only got to see them for one night. I am pining for off season already! She writes a blog herself and if you ever wanted to have an inside look behind the life of a ballplayer, check her blog out. She doesn’t update as often as she used to, but if you click through the archives, you can get a great perspective as to how their life “really is” All I know is our time together mainly involves tea, Target and cuppycakes.

6)I wrote a post about my thoughts on marriage on Wednesday…other than my ptsd post, I received more positive feedback than I ever have. Apparently you guys lap up marriage ideals;) if you haven’t read it, you probably should. Just sayin;)

7) Yesterday I was able to have lunch in Carborro at one of our favorite spots there, Southern Rail. It’s an old rail car, converted into a bar and restaurant. Their wings are amazing. The only downside is having to drive through the quaint and beautiful town of Chapel Hill, home to that school, you know the one, they wear that ugly blue;)

So this was my week. Tonight I am going to an amazing sale that a bunch of local boutiques are having and then I am headed to see my cousin and her newest baby! Baby kisses and then tomorrow Wiki and I are headed to Wilmington & Southport for the night  Or as some of you may know it as…where Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, countless other shows/movies and oh, you know Safe Haven are/were filmed.
That was my week, how has yours been?

7 comments on "This little day called 'Friday'"
  1. Can we say jealous? What a cool week!

  2. I didn't see the Allstar game but I heard that rivera pitching was nuts!

  3. Ahhhhh!!!! I am so jealous! I am a Dawson's Creek fanatic!! Have the whole series... We will so be going back there together next time ;)

  4. Gorgeous photos! I've always wanted a horse. :)

  5. I love that you made good use of the post 4th of july sales for party stuff. Someone has to!

  6. Friday is blessed day for al muslims as well. This blog is really cool and thankyou for making this day so beautiful. Kindly upload more posts like this :)


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