Suits Is On & I Am

thinking of a bunch of randomness running through my mind. and so I may as well share it bc isn't that the whole point of blogging? To Over share? It's not? I guess I missed that memo. and so...

ten random thoughts on this Wednesday.

1) Suits is a fabulous show. and Ummm. Harvey Spector. Almost as hot as Wiki. almost.

2) Ryan Braun annoys me. Give Matt Kemp the MVP from two years ago.

3)I just ate Wendy's chili with cheese and roughly 476 packs of hot sauce. Sodium overdose, anyone?

4) I love travelling. Love it, but after 7 straight weeks of it...I just want to stay home and go to church and have brunch!

5) I am beyond ready for football! My Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays are just sad. Plus, I can wear boots and people will not look at me like I am strange.

6) Ashley & Angela are hosting a blogger meetup this Friday and I am so stoked. I have had blates with both ladies and they are too sweet and am really happy to mingle with other bloggers. Even though...I am more just a girl who blogs and they are more legit...bloggers. haha

7) I just got a twitter. I had a perosnal one a while ago and never kept it up. A few observations from my first week: Blogger land is clique land and ummmm. I am old. I haven't noticed this reading blogs. Twitter, my 30 somethingness(cause isn't this what bloggers do, 'whatever age you are something' instead of just 34). haha, is way more apparent to me. It's cool, my cleavage still wins versus most 20 somethings;)

8) I may have a font obsession. I love fonts. Free ones are even better. Pinterest is spoiling. Speaking of pinterest. I keep checking it while contemplating my randomness. No, this is not one of my favorite fonts. 

9) I want to paint my guest room, but what I mean by "I want to" is, I want to blink my eyes and it is done. Any takers?

10) As much as I love pineapples and raspberries... I hate bananas. Probably more like abhor. But they’re so inexpensive to add to my smoothies. Conundrum.

See. Complete and utter nonsensical rambling for y'all today.

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4 comments on "Suits Is On & I Am"
  1. Ryan Braun is a loser and Kemp DESERVED that MVP

  2. I can't keep up with Twitter, and I'm 28. It's hard, sometimes I don't sign on for a good week.
    We could have a cleavage contest my friend. I love my boobs, that's no secret ;)

  3. I am 34 and I hear you. I just really started getting in Twitter but I only check a few times a day and I use lists to seepage out my must reads.

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