A Southern Season & An I Do

This past weekend was jam packed. On Friday night, the mister was still sick and had stayed home so we just watched some tv and vegged out. I started a new series(the Iron Witch) and he crashed early. Saturday, one of my good friends got married and it was a last minute decision as to whether or not he would join. He did.  The wedding was at 11 and then we headed into Chapel Hill to mosey around., I tried to maintain my composure being surrounded by all the Carolina Blue, especially when we were playing them Saturday night. I somehow managed to keep my lunch down. Small favors.

Later that afternoon, we headed to a Southern Season, it is an amazing smorgasbord of fantastic food and items for around the house. And if you hadn't guessed, lots of them are from the south. They have one of the biggest beer and wine selections I have ever seen and the chocolates. Oh my word. We send lots of gift baskets from here. They have a catalog and the price ranges are for anyone and any budget! They also have a restaurant, and the pot de creme was butterscotch and also heaven. 

Sunday, he was feeling less than stellar again and we decided to head to fresh market to get some food that wouldn't send his stomach into another tizzy. I discovered they sell Beechers Macaroni there and I almost screamed. I am perhaps slightly tentative to get them for fear they will not be as amazing as the original(I mean, but really, how can they;) and I don't want to be disappointed. But I kinda feel even their frozen is probably better than most restaurants versions anyways. It is that good. 

We got some yogurt. He was healthy and stuck with bananas and peanut butter as a topping and I went for delicious and got heath bar. I am not regretting it. Although, I am not sure I speak for my hips. But who can think on such things for so long.(oh, I can, that's who)

We went for a walk at a nearby nature preserve and it is so beautiful there. I often take for granted the amount of parks and trails we have in this area. I need to stop! 

That night we watch the movie, Enough Said. It was James Galdofini's last film before he passed away. Oh, my gosh! It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Was the perfect mix of funny and serious. Rent it if you haven't yet seen it!
4 comments on "A Southern Season & An I Do"
  1. ugh, it seems that every one is sick! my husband is also sick; battling strep :( hope he feels better fast.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Butterscotch, yum! I don't think I have ever heard of Beechers. I love all the parks and trails, perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Sorry for the Mister not feeling well, but the rest of your weekend sounded perfect! I love fresh markets!

  4. Super small world because I went to college with the groom in this photo!!
    Can't wait to explore your blog more :-)


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