Signs, Signs Everywhere A Sign

And now this song is in my head, which is fine as it is one of my absolute favorites. But I am more obsessed with signs that come the way of my friend, Danielle. She blogs over at 2 Little Super Heroes and I have seen lots of her work before but the way I stumbled on these particular signs was slightly by chance. In the area that we live, we are both members of a buy/sale/trade group on fb and I knew I had to have them! She is in the process of making me my own, personalized version to match our guest room and I can't wait to show them to you! But in the meantime, check her work out. For anyone living in the Raleigh area, she can make you signs with your own creative ideas for all of $10. Yes. Ten bucks!

I have very dry and sensitive skin. I am also on a budget, but a few years ago I used a few gift cards to Sephora and became basically obsessed with Fresh products. I got really excited when I saw that the 500 point reward was a Fresh gift pack. and I. had. to. have. it. Then I noticed I only had 300 or so points and as much as I wanted to, there was no way I could constitute spending $200 to get free what I could buy myself.)with that $200 that I have no interest in using;) Then I decided to scour ebay as I had the notion that perhaps someone might be selling theirs. I set my maximum to $25 and then... I won one for less than $10! I legitimately screamed like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. Thrilled people, thrilled. I also somehow scored two mini laura mercier lip glaces for $2 each. Ebay is on my good list this week! I still can't believe it. The only thing I can think is that it ended after midnight and so people weren't paying attention. The others I saw went for at least $20. It came in mail last night and I am officially on cloud nine.

I am really pumped about this weekend coming up as a good friend of mine is hitching herself up tomorrow. She was one of my first friends after we moved here ten years ago and while we do not hang out as often as we used to, I am so happy for her! Her future husband seems like such a great man. They met while both were taking part in the missions trip called "Race Around the World" Can't wait to see how beautiful she will look. And yes, I will have pictures on Monday!

My 30 seconds of fame via the Racheal Ray show was pretty fun. The local news station here covered it as did the radio station and my segment was shared over 3500 times between all the avenues. And that was just locally. When it aired that morning, about 15 minutes phone was set ablaze. Friends in Boston, Virginia, Texas & California called me squealing. And the owner of the pizza place was so grateful that I picked them to showcase.  It is somewhat surreal to see yourself and my accent was full steam ahead(as was my head bob;) but what an honor. A friend of mine jokingly mentioned that I should market a "Whimsy One bobble head" Haha Sorry, they didn't add subtitles.

Here is the video, it's about three minutes long. When it aired, we each had separate segments that were spaced out coming back from commercial break. They put this together as a montage for the website. I am the second to appear. If you haven't seen it yet, enjoy.

As some of you know, I work part time in the athletic department at Duke. And while I root for Duke wholeheartedly, I am a "Fan" of  my school. The one that has my heart and half my memories. One of the most beautiful campuses anywhere,  founded and designed by Mister Thomas Jefferson. perhaps you have heard of him;) Except...if you're are intimately familiar with the University of Virginia, then you know it is rarely referred to as a campus, but instead...The grounds. Anyways, the clinched the ACC regular season championship last weekend in a blowout win over Syracuse. My heart has had joy for over a week. I cannot even believe it. I was just sad I had to watch it at home instead of in one of the most fantastic towns in the planet, Charlottesville.

MArch Madness is going to be all sorts of amazing this year and I cannot wait! Go Hoos Go. Wahoowa!

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7 comments on "Signs, Signs Everywhere A Sign"
  1. great score!! and awawsome that you were on rachel ray :)

    ps - for dry sensitive skin (which i have), i swear by organic argan oil. my skin savior!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I swear, when I find a good deal (especially on Amazon), it makes me SO SO SO happy!!!

  3. love the Bless Your Heart sign. Love that saying. Congrays on the ebay score, $10 is awesome. I was squeeling for you on Rachel Ray. It is still saved to my DVR.

  4. So so cool about Rachel Ray! Prettyyyyyy awesome!

    Tattered to Taylored

  5. What a good idea to look for that pack on eBay!!!! SCORE!

  6. That's an awesome deal you found on eBay!

  7. Gorgeous signs!! I'd love a Michigan Detroit related one. c:
    I also have dry skin, I'll have to look into that!



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