It's All Gravy

This weekend started off in a whirlwind while I gorged myself in college basketball and pizza on Friday night while waiting for my husband to come home. The games were completely crazy and I was on the edge of my seat and of course, my wahoos lost in the last second to Michigan State. I am still bitter about it. Was made even worse yesterday when Michigan lost to Kentucky. The wrong Michigan team made it;) 

Saturday we were scheduled to go the Lebanese festival downtown and it poured and poured some more so it was cancelled. We headed over to my cousin's house to partake in her son's birthday and then I was supposed to nanny but little miss was sick and so Tony and I had an unplanned night to ourselves. Score!

We headed downtown to eat and ended up at Gravy, an Italian eatery. The wait was an hour and ten minutes which was an hour over what I was willing to wait. We were headed out right when two seats opened up at the bar and because you get full service, we went for it. So good! My bolognese was amazing and my martini was even better. 

We decided to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was chock full of stars  and as it was directed by Wes was very quirky. I loved it as it is different than your usual flick, if you liked Moonrise Kingdom, you will love this.

When we got out of the movie I had 6 missed calls and 9 frantic texts from my mom, dad and aunt. Apparently we were under a tornado watch in our area and my cousins got caught up in it and had to seek shelter at Target. Maybe it is just me, but if I have to seek shelter somewhere, I won't cry tears if it happens to be Target;) But on a more serious note, my cousin's butt made the weather channel as someone took a photograph of them all holed up in the pillow aisle seeking refuge. Glad it wasn't my bum, woulda blocked everyone else out of the picture.

Yesterday was our day to host our monthly neighborhood dinner and as usual, the mister went over the top in hosting and it deserves its own post. But I made my first batch of homemade meatballs and I got approval from Wiki and was overly delighted! I am still tired because the conversation ended at 11:58 pm, but the lack of sleep was worth it. We have been going non stop and getting some friend time in was well worth it.
5 comments on "It's All Gravy"
  1. Neighborhood dinners sounds fun! I hope I live in a neighborhood like that sometime soon.

    I actually prefer sitting at the bar and will be an annoying person hovering while I wait for people to pay their bills!

  2. That is great the seats opened up at the bar! I totally wouldn't mind getting stuck at target!! Nothing better than real Italian meatballs!!!

  3. omg i wouldn't know what to do in a tornado warning but if you have to get stuck somewhere, target is the place to be!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I would not be sad if I died in Target. Instant heaven.

  5. Glad you got all that time to yourselves. Being a nanny is such a tough job, one which truly demands a break once in a while, just to show that people do appreciate it, both as a generous favor and even a profession.



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