Apple Guava 'Rita

I went round and round as to what I would create using the Berentzen apple liqueur. I have made plenty of apple flavored drinks, but I wanted to stumble off the usual path and opt for a slightly different taste. A few weeks ago I  made wassail and had a few cans of guava nectar left over in my fridge and the thought came to me to try and see what I could concoct with it. 

I played around with a bourbon recipe and while you may see that one soon enough, tequila actually won out this go round and I decided to create a margarita. This weather has been so bleh and you can't help but feel spring on the horizon, followed quickly by summer, when you drink a margarita!

This was very easy to put together and you can find the cans of guava nectar in your juice aisle or some stores keep them in the international section. On another note, it is amazing in smoothies!

6 oz guava nectar
2 oz tequila
3 oz berentzen apple liqueur
1 tbsp lime juice
salt/sugar for rim optional

Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. Pour into two glasses over ice. 
You could also put all ingredients into a blender and make a frozen version, that was my neighbor's favorite. 

You can also check out my food blog where I used the berentzen apple liqueur to make a cake and frosting. It was so light and perfect for a gathering with friends. 

Next week I will have recipes using the berentzen pear!

I was supplied with the berentzen, but opinions are all my own.
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