An (Inter) Stellar Weekend

As I mentioned previously, last weekend I headed with Nicole to her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit with her family and to attend her friend's baby shower.  I was trying to prepare myself for the coldness that was about to come my way...and for the most part I did just fine in the cold. 

Wine helps. 

We went shopping when we got there and they took me to a store that I had never been to before, Von Maur and I hit the clearance jackpot with these shoes from Jessica Simpson. Now I just need spring to appear so I can sport them...or maybe just a trip somewhere tropical. (Hint. Hint. Mister)

We stayed in a lot and cozied up to the fire, caught up on Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder and popped some bubbly. In other words...perfection. Her mom joked that we had the perfect romantic night in. 

The shower was set for Saturday and was a really fun time. I loved getting to meet her friends from home and I made my Apple Cider Sangria. Super easy to whip up in a hurry. And there was chocolate covered oreos and pretzels...need I say more?

Sunday we packed up and drove back to Indy and we were able to meet up for brunch with a friend of mine from Raleigh that recently moved to the area. I indulged in a short rib grilled cheese and oh. my. gracious. It was beyond delicious and now I am hungry again!

However...I thought I read somewhere that the mimosas were bottomless ( a lot of the places around here do that for Sunday brunch) and I even asked about it. Apparently the guy thought I was being funny or something because $30 later and my mimosas were 'bottomless' but not no much in price;) haha oopsie. 

When we got back all I wanted to do was go home and nap because being lazy for four days is very tiring...just saying. It is. I mean a fire just zaps that energy right out of ya. Anyways, Wiki was having none of it and wanted to see Interstellar. Yawn. But I am an amazing wife and went with only maximum amounts of whining. 

I will say he fed me a pint of candied bacon and wings so I was content. I basically sound like a man with my food wish list. Then he got me chocolate mousse for dessert and I was good to go. We went to the 9:30 Sunday night showing and it was still sold out! I will admit that it was much better than I was anticipating and I actually really liked it. I didn't like getting home at one in the morning but I survived. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend also!
4 comments on "An (Inter) Stellar Weekend"
  1. Looks like the perfect weekend... new shoes and champagne.. two of my favs :)

  2. Champs by the fire sounds amazing! Love the shoes! You are such a champ for going though the bacon and wings would have sold it for me too!

  3. Great weekend. I LOOOOOOVE those shoes. I'm 2 episodes behind on Scandal now. YIKES! My husband is trying to convince me to see Interstellar. I'm just not sold yet!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. What a fun weekend and I love your new shoes!! Your Thursday night sounds eerily similar to mine!! Candied bacon and wings - YUM!!


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