Girl Nights & Sangria

I am not sure that I can parlay exactly how much I love getting together with my girlfriends. There is just something about being with your favorite ladies and letting go. Over the years 'ladies night' has taken on many different versions. And I have appreciated each phase. 

Some were weekly events with girlfriends at a local restaurant that had half price desserts and cocktails on Thursday nights. And the pours were never held back just because the price was less than usual. Those weekly meetups saw different people come and go from our core group, but each time held plenty of laughs. More than enough were on my behalf because sometimes... I am really blonde and the tipsy version of me shows that off rather well. But I am a damn good time so there's that.

Then as we each got married and moved to different directions of town, girls night became a monthly meeting with no set location. We tasted our way around The Triangle. Those were some of my favorite memories. 

More so lately though, with almost all of the group being mothers, ladies night is an intermittent gathering, usually at someone's house. Cocktails and dessert are still very much present, as is the never ending stream of giggles. You know the kind, you laugh so hard you are making squeaking noises. Those are the times I look forward to the most.

The older I get...the more I appreciate my girlfriends. And any moments I get with them.

  This drink was from my last get together, simple and easy to whip up and it only packs a punch if you want it to. 

Apple Cider Sangria

1 bottle of red wine 
4 cups fresh apple cider
1 cup spiced rum
2 apples cut up
1 orange sliced
bottle of 7 up

In a large pitcher combine all ingredients except for the 7 up. Stir and refrigerate for about 3 hours.. 

Fill glassed 3/4 full and top with the 7 up. Or I have used sparking wine or once I even used Crispin hard cider instead. Each version is yummy! Just depends upon how much alcohol you want to add. 
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