Traipsing Around Bull City

This past weekend we spent the day looking at cars for me. Fingers crossed that we find one soon! While we were out and about we ended up stopping by the Historic Stagville Plantation in Durham. I got some lovely photos. It was a chilly, but perfect, fall day. 

Later that afternoon, I was in full on hungry rage and had to be fed immediately. We ended up at some burger joint that is very similar to Steak N Shake. It was fine and hit the spot, nothing to really write home about. Except for the huge oreo stuffed with their frozen custard. Oh my gosh, it was so good!

Then on Sunday we hosted supper club and had a few friends over. We made tacos and Tony got cupcakes. One of which was an oreo mousse cupcake. Entirely too good. 

This was our weekend. How was yours?
2 comments on "Traipsing Around Bull City"
  1. Love that barn, looks so idyllic. Fingers crossed on the car!

  2. This looks like a really amazing place, specially for me. I always prefer places which are quiet because they are filled with peace. I will try to visit this since it is not that far from my place.


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