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Often times, our decorations for the holidays are based on our travel schedule for that year. Normally, if we are going to visit my family in Virginia, we get a tree and go all out. On the other hand, if that year we are going to Boston, we tend to decorate on a smaller scale and usually abstain from having a tree. Due to the fact we are normally gone for about ten days, it's just not worth it. 

Plus...there is the small detail of huge arguments tend to come up when we do the tree. I have little arms and for some reason he always thinks I can hold the tree up. No, me and my T-Rex arms cannot.

The one thing I am habitual on is when I actually decorate for Christmas and that date is always December 1st. And it has nothing to do with being bah hum bug as much as it has to do with fall being my favorite;) Growing up we always did it the Friday after Thanksgiving and it was a tradition I adored. Now half of my friends have had their houses decorated since the beginning of November! 

And for once...I am kind of jealous. Not jealous enough to change how I decorate but seeing some of these photos from friends with their fires, trees and hot cocoa while watching Hallmark movies may be making me slightly green with envy, but only slightly. 

 I have definitely watched more Christmas movies at this point in November than ever before. And I am not sorry about it. I did bring out my Christmas Cookie candle and burn it as I watched North Pole the other night...Maybe that counts for something;)

Another reason I wait until December to decorate is that we don't take our decorations down until Jan 6th, the day after "Little Christmas"  also known as ' The 12th Day of Christmas' We usually have a dinner and celebrate Le Befana with an Italian dinner. This is my favorite new tradition since we have gotten married! And it is one I am sharing with my family as well.

What are your decorating traditions? Do you prefer doing it any specific date? Is there a tree farm you go pick from? Does your family make a day of it? 

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4 comments on "Decorating Timeline"
  1. I am a staunch after Thanksgiving decorator. There's nothing bah humbug about not rushing the season. Would Christmas be as special if it was a two month long thing? No. It's just lessening the season for me.

  2. I've already decorated. It makes me happy, so I do it!!

  3. I don't have any specific rules it just depends on how busy the season is for me. Normally I wait till the day after Thanksgiving to do any decorating and the tree the first weekend in December. I always have a real tree so I want it to be as fresh as possible.

  4. I think you have some great traditions to carry on even after Christmas....and we haven't got full out because we are having people over for Thanksgiving and don't want to scare them off with a straight up winder wonderland, but there are few things here and there I couldn't help putting out already.


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