Regulators, Mount Up

This weekend sped by so quickly and it held so much fun! Friday started out rather slowly and I just got a bunch of errands done before my husband and I settled in and watched the last two episodes of True Detective. 

I wish I had just been left wondering what happened. Seriously? Even my tub of gelato didn't really help. 

Saturday we got up early and headed up to Virginia to see family. We went out for lunch with my parents and I grabbed this homemade caramel sauce from an artisinal chocolate shop in downtown Lynchburg. So very good. 

I then got to work on my goodies for my friend's 40th birthday. I made my usual bacon wrapped pretzel and I created a cocktail I am calling the 'Blue Ridge Betty' it was pretty tasty and I will have the recipe up soon.

This party was no joke. They had a huge bounce blow up slide, a dj and then serious, no playing around fireworks. Which it may be the country but massive fireworks usually end in one thing...

the police showing up. 

You know what's awesome? When you and your friends are dancing like fools to regulators mount up when the cops arrive. My life long dream fulfilled. I mean, can there actually be better timing? 

You know what else is awesome? When the cops who show up are outranked by the cops in attendance at said party and they laugh and leave;) Not saying that happened. Definitely not saying it didn't;)

Yesterday we had lunch with my family before stopping in to see my grandparents on the way home. 

Our weekend ended hanging out with some great friends and feasting on some yummy goodness. How was your weekend?

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3 comments on "Regulators, Mount Up"
  1. OMG too funny your party had higher ranking officers. I totally sang that song in my head when I saw your title! Old school jams!

  2. Your stories crack me up! And all your food looks yummy, but that caramel chocolate sauce? Come on, now! xo

  3. Your weekend was a lot more eventful than mine! Looks fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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