Yadkin Valley Wine Trail

A few weeks ago I was able to go on a girls weekend with one of my best friends. We went back and forth over where to go when I suggested the Yadkin Valley area. My husband and I have been multiple times and I knew it would be a perfect girls weekend away. I mean, wine...

The Yadkin Valley is just a few hours from my house in Raleigh and about an hour from Charlotte. It spans about a 70 mile radius and there are a little more than two dozen wineries in about a 30-45 mile area. We decided to stay in a cabin versus a hotel and I immediately knew just the spot, Elkin Creek Vineyards. It is such a cozy vineyard located in the heart of the wine trail in Elkin. 

We met up in Mayberry, yep that one. Mt. Airy is the home of Andy Griffith and what Mayberry was based on. It is one of my favorite towns in Carolina and the location of our first winery, Old North State. It is in the middle of downtown and only a winery, not a vineyard. 

After trying a few out and grabbing a few bottles to go, we headed the half hour to Elkin and checked in to our sweet little cabin. I cannot even express how much I loved it. What a darling spot. So relaxing and what a great time!

We headed to downtown area of Elkin and grabbed some dinner before coming back to our cabin and vegging out on snacks, wine and all the netflix we could handle at out disposal. We knew we had a full day ahead and wanted to keep it low key. 

The next morning we mapped out the ones we wanted to hit and we decided to visit wineries that my husband and I hadn't been to before! The first up was the breathtaking Raffaldini, I am usually not a fan of large wineries as I feel like the experience is more about being wowed than putting out a good product. Luckily that is not the case here as the wine is as good as the view!

Next up we headed to McRitchie wines and cider. It was a little smaller and more intimate. They had a few wines I liked but I was not an overly big fan of their ciders. I prefer dry and crisp and they were a little too sour for me. 

Afterwards we headed less than five minutes up the road to Jones Von Drehle and it was by far one of my favorite stops the whole trip. They had a plethora of wines to try and they were very, very good. Plus, it was kind of cools as the vinter himself happened to be there and he showed us around and even signed our bottles. 

After a full day of checking wineries out we headed back to our cabin and enjoyed some wine and perfect conversation on the porch swing. It was the perfect end to a fabulous and full day of wine and lots of laughter. 

The next morning I got my tea fix in while taking in the scenery and we were able to enjoy the amazing wood fired pizza that Elkin Creek has available every Sunday. My husband and I have had their bread and cheeses before but had never been around on a Sunday and that is the only day they offer the pizza. 

Let me just say that it lived up to the hype!!!

If you are ever looking for a girls weekend or a romantic getaway I cannot say enough great things about the Yadkin Valley. Great wines, charming towns and even better views! Get here when you can!

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9 comments on "Yadkin Valley Wine Trail"
  1. This sounds like SUCH a fun girls' trip!! What a great way to spend some time together. I love winery-hopping, especially in a new place... sounds like you had a really nice time :)

  2. That cabin is so cute! What an awesome spot for a girls weekend!

  3. Such a cute cabin! What a great place for a girls weekend! That pizza looks delicious too! :)

  4. Such an awesome idea for a girls weekend.. the wine.. the food... and those gorgeous views <3

  5. how did you fit all of my favorite things into one pretty little post! oh my gosh. wine, that cabin and pizza?! perfect trip!


  6. What an awesome time! I bookmarked this for whenever I can get up there and try out all these wineries! Also, that pizza has my mouth watering! xo

  7. That cabin is so cute! I think we need to do this trip together!

  8. It's Raffaldini not Raffaldani. Glad you enjoyed your trip though.

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