Rooftop Libations

The weekends are just speeding by. It's almost as soon as you have a few minutes of down time, Monday has already rolled on in. This particular weekend involved a visit to the new Durham Hotel to take in the lovely view and cocktails on their rooftop. What a gorgeous view it was. 

One of the things that has been missing from the Durham scene has been a rooftop and that need has been fulfilled- tenfold. No expense was spared and it shows. 

I had been a few weeks ago when they were giving media tours and so I already somewhat knew what to expect but to see it in action is always a little different. It's right near Wiki's office and so he met me after he was off of work.

Then I headed over to Nicole's to hang out and enjoy some bubbly, but not before popping in to Rue Clare to grab some of their incredible beignets. They are so good and I wanted to eat the whole bag rigth then and there. 

Saturday I worked on a bunch of recipes after I headed to the store to grab a new blender because ours was MIA. On Friday I  searched and searched, got out the step stool to see where my giant husband may have put it and finally called him. 

Me "Hey, I give up. where's the blender? Did someone borrow it or something" 

Him... after an entirely too long of a pause 

Me "Wait...where's my blender? What happened to it?!! I know you know where my blender is, spill it now!!!" 

( this may be an occasion where I should use all caps if I was one of those people, I am not so you should just know I probably wasn't very nice, but I don't have children or a pet and so my blender is basically my child. It treats me well and makes me delicious concoctions. kidding, but not really;)

Him "It might have died" 

Me " @#&% (over and over)

Anyways, I got a new and even better one and made a few recipes and then headed over to the mall where I grabbed some Chic Fil A and grabbed a few necessities for the week before heading back home and redboxing it while I waited for him to get home. 

Saturday night we hit up the NCMA outdoor movie and this week was The Big Lebowski. They normally show newer movies but they show this every year and have a costume contest with prizes and food trucks. We met up with Carolina and Ethan and had a great time. 

Yesterday was pretty chill, had a slow morning. Read a book and then went for a glorious pedicure with Nicole and my peeps are looking rather good this am. 

How was your weekend. What all did you do? 

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6 comments on "Rooftop Libations"
  1. Those beignets... I want them inside of me!!!
    Bahahaha @ the exchange over your blender. THE SHEER TERROR!

  2. That view is gorgeous! I need to go back there soon! Maybe just for those beignets, and to see you both, of course! ;)

  3. That rooftop view is beautiful! Weekends go tooo fast. Can't wait until labor day so we have a long one once again!

  4. ahhh rooftop bars are my favorite. What a gorgeous place. Beignets are the best fried goodness :)

  5. Love that rooftop! And hahaha, love that story about your blender. Glad you got a new one! :) xo


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