I'd Rather Buy It

This morning I went to a shower for one of my friends that is getting married in the next few weeks. I hadn't seen her in a bit and, sadly, I had missed her bachelorette weekend. I was anxious to catch up with her and partake in a little bit of pre wedding hoopla. The shower was held at a sweet crepe restaurant and it was fun and it involved mimosas, ergo...Hi brunch. It was nice to mingle and get to know her friends leading up to her big day, the more ladies I know to shake my booty with at the reception, the merrier. 

Since it was held at a restaurant the need to decorate was minimal, but the touches that were added were tasteful and elegant. I soon realized the girl throwing the shower had made them and I was even more impressed. She went to the dollar store and some gold paint and a few embellishments later, they looked like she had purchased them for quite a few dollars somewhere. 

And this is where we get to me. I am an excellent cook. I can whip up an original cocktail and bless it with a whimsy name. I can also instagram delicious looking food like a boss.  This is right around the point my talents end. Unless you count being able to figure out a percentage based sale off the top of my head in about two seconds flat. I am the opposite of the pinterest crafty girl. I try. I do. I have even had fun with some of my failures. I've just accepted that they will usually end up looking like a massacre happened and instead of saving money I usually spend ten times the amount by making it myself and who knows how much time I waste on it. I would just rather buy what I need. 

I figured out awhile ago that this is all ok.  My best friend decorates her house the way of Restoration Hardware. Another friend puts outfits together that would make In Style magazine green with envy. I used to be slightly envious and then I figured out we each have our talents and we each have our inadequacies. We often are too busy wishing we could do something better that we never notice what our friends admire about us.  

Now if only I could get my husband to grasp that a clean house lies more on my inadequate list;)
5 comments on "I'd Rather Buy It"
  1. I'm not exactly a crafty gal either... but if you need me to figure out what to write in a greeting card for almost any occasion I won't let you down.

  2. I am not a super crafty girl either. I used to try, but have since realized it is not worth the money/effort if I am not happy with the end result

  3. I love this, so true, we all have our strengths! It's hard not to compare ourselves to others but we are much happier when we don't

  4. Haha! I completely understand. I am a recipe and DIY person but there are so many things I am just not good at or don't want to spend the time doing. We all have our talents. I would like to get on the house cleaning list as a no go.


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