Bargain Bounties

and yes, I absolutely mean bounties! I was born ready for bargains. and I mean bargains. Not like I have 740 coupons, I just like to happen upon glorious finds that leave me twirling in delight in some nondescript store. Unexpected and so much more fulfilling, not that the few times my coupons and HT triple coupons have aligned...that I haven't bragged been thrilled) there's just something about stumbling upon that piece you just need and it being ridiculously cheap(as in not expensive, not cheap looking. uh uh, no go)Contentment!

 And I am better at it than anybody I know. I don't mean that cocky...I just get lucky, plus my mantra is if it's over $20 then I don't need it. Obviously...I sometimes sway from that, but more often than not...I don't have to. And my closet is busting at the seams w/CK, MK, Joes, forth & so on(it also is busting at the seams from Target). For example, I was perusing the smelly lovely aisles of Good Will one day & I saw a pair of jeans with the original price tag still attached...and I did a double take, it was a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans, along w/it's almost $200 tags. in. my. size. I heard the angels sing. ok, maybe they were just humming, but still.

Anyways, to show you that, yes, it is absolutely possible that you can get awesome things for under $25( I had to up my normal $20 b/c these one pair of boots owned me the second I spied them. They knew a sucker was in their midst) But before I show you the pictures, let's talk about a new topic I'll be tackling. Every Friday will now be Fashion Friday & my girl, Miss Lyss, will be showing you some of her fine fashion sense. 

I decided to do this b/c of one of my new obsessions joys, pinterest told me to, I love it! She is the perfect convergence of sweet meets sassy. And her styles are whimsy(ummm, obviously this is fantastical) The premise of her blog is that she finds outfits on Pinterest & pretty much rocks them. I love the outfits, but it is her quips that I come back for. She loves her some Loft. It's funny b/c I used to always pass it & think of my friend Lindsay, as she was a buyer for them. When I shopped w/her there a few times it was so fun to have her point out the things that she had put in the store. Now I walk by there & see a mannequin and I picture Sheaffer wearing it and taking a picture in her mirror. haha Help me. 

I found her from a blog I have followed for years, mixandmatchmama. Shay whips up some awesome treats and she has adorable kids, this led me to Andrea @ Slightly Askew Designs, you may remember her from this post, she revamped my whole blog for $35 and she's awesome! and then I discovered one of my new favorites, Tucker Up. Sarah is newly married and she is little Miss(actually make that Mrs.) DIYer! I am jealous of her talents! check out her side tables and any of her DIY posts! 

Here is the crazy thing...all these ladies live in the same city in Texas. I am undecided as to how I feel about this. I kinda feel like Mckinney is selfish. How many cool girls can live in one place? Sheesh. and we'd all be friends. Cause they seem awesome and as I've always said...My rule is I'm only friends w/awesome people;) However, I have discovered one downside to following Sheaffer. Her blog makes me sin a lot, I mean, to quote the Dixie Chicks, I feel like I am hitching a ride on a sin wagon! Not sure what I mean? It's called coveting. and she has me doing it an exponential amount after every new post! Especially her giveaways! Come to think of it, shouldn't she have a disclaimer warning us of this? 

Anyways, I love fashion and I contemplated taking a few weekly shots of outfits I love...then I remembered I don't have a full length mirror( I know, the horror) and I could ask Wiki to take a picture of me before he leaves for work, but he leaves at 5:30 am and I am lazy have common sense, so that's out. Thus, the genius of Lyss. She is sweet, beautiful and always she has over 800 followers on instagram for her fashion diaries. A good move on my part, dontcha think.

So stay tuned tomorrow, and please check out these ladies blogs, you will be glad you did!

and after all that, finally here are my goodies from the weekend!

I wish these pictures could do justice, but they won't and ignore how I wear a small, a medium or a large. Depends on the designer.

Loved this sweater and I had a GC so "splurged" on $22 only for it to ring up $10.99! Can't wait to wear it w/ my grey Steve Madden's! 
These were my $25 purchase, but oh. my. gosh. I love these boots! 
They're black and brown!
and these leggings, i've never seen anything like them, they're lined with fleece! 
I head to Boston next week for 10 days, these will come in handy!!
$4.99 each, thank you, Ross!!!

I love the green & blue peep toe wedges! They will be so cute in the Spring/Summer w/ a navy dress or a navy shirt & jeans.
and I love the leapord sandals. and guess what....
These shoes, COMBINED were $8.34.
Charming Charlie, I heart you! 
I love this dress, actually any stretch dress. but this one is awesome 
and it was $21.98, take an extra 30% off...
yup, from $90 to just over $15.
Key West in I come! 
I wish you could see how sweet this dress is. I love it. 
I can't wait to pair it w/a demure cardigan & wear my camel wedges w/it for 
the baby shower next week.
and as you can see...
another $15 dress after the 30% off 
This definitely looks much better on than it does on the hanger.
I want to wear this somewhere for New Years.
or somebody get married next year.
this one was a little much, a whole $17.50 
and remember my birthday post about the screaming sephora gift cards?
well, I am smart & I listened to them...
and for $54, including tax(free shipping)
these were my goodies...
The lash stash, worth $132, for $45
2 polishes, clearanced to $3 each..
the rest was all free!
over $65 worth of free goodies! 
Cheap is good, but it never beats free!!!

Now, go forth & shop!
and check out the lovely ladies from Mckinney. 
just remember though, if you Sheaffer makes you sin too...
I gave you fair warning!

Heretofore...I will prepare myself to try not to covet.. as much.

Have a lovely weekend! 

2 comments on "Bargain Bounties"
  1. First things first, thank you SO much for the sweet words about the blog! That was soooooo nice to hear! I love to hear when people are enjoying it! Secondly, those boots are AMAZING! Soooo jealous! Look, now I'm coveting! Are they new? Can I still get my hands on a pair? Spill sister!
    Sheaffer :)

    1. Yes, I got them on Tues. Our Ross had a plethora of them. I am in NC so not sure if all districts get the same products or not. but they're soooo comfy.


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