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As I mentioned yesterday, Alyssa is one of my oldest friends.We met in HS & then lost touch. Around 8 years ago, my sissy in law, Aimers had been telling me about her new friend, Alyssa, but I had yet to put two & two together(I never was a math girl)Then I was going w/them to a church picnic & I discovered it was "my old Alyssa" and from there our friendship has blossomed. The three of us have done many girl trips, meandering our way through some fun places and e I head home to the 'burg, we have girl nights and fellowship. Alyssa is the one I mentioned doing my hair and makeup from my Halloween/Apple Cider post...she had never done victory curls before and was so nervous she watched you tube tutorials for a week to prepare and, ummmm, she did AH~MAZING! You would never know it was her first ever try! I never had doubts she'd pull it off!

Pin up hair & make up
Yes, the gorgeous "Amazon" on the far right is Lyss...
I may have had on 4 inch wedges in this pic & still that

Let me first start by introducing myself!  My name is Alyssa and I am currently living in Lynchburg, VA but originally from Santa Barbara, California.  I am a wife and a mother of 2 sweet little girls, Kiaerah (8) and Nadiah (5).

The Fashionista herself

Alyssa & Mike

The girls

Built in besties

Miss Kiaerah

Miss Nadiah
My love for clothes and fashion started after I had my first child.  I realized that my everyday look of jeans, surf shirts and flip flops was not exactly the look I wanted going into motherhood.  Plus, after having a baby I was feeling horribly about my post baby body. I wanted to feel more mature and honestly, I wanted to feel pretty!  

So I started doing my fashion research!  I started watching “what not to wear” and reading fashion magazines to figure out what I like and what I didn't.  But, the most important thing I learned is how to dress for my body!  When it comes to jean size, it’s a number and the fit is the most important thing.  I didn’t want to feel worse about my body than I already did!  So fitting into my pre-baby size 8 was not the way to feel good about myself, because, let’s be honest, I couldn’t even get an 8 over my thighs!  I tried a 10 and that was horrible as it was just a big mess of muffin top, but once I put on 12, I found that my curves looked good and honestly I looked thinner!!  This was my “ah ha” moment.  What matters most is how you feel in clothes and the fit!  

So after many years of refining my look (and bonus…losing the baby weight…well after baby 2!) here I am today loving fashion and more importantly, feeling fantastic about myself.  Because ladies... the best accessory to any wardrobe is confidence at any size! 

Here is a little sneak peek of what you will see on “Fashion Friday”…

Each week I will include a couple OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures with an explanation of where each item is from and the cost, tidbit and tricks on how to look super fabulous, how to incorporate trends, and lastly new “must have” items that any girl at any size can rock and look fabulous doing it!  

Can’t wait for the first official “Fashion Friday” post next week!  

A special thanks to Maddie Rae for giving me the honor of contributing to her amazing blog!  Love ya girl!!!

So today was your first look at Fashion Friday, I hope you liked it.I am thrilled that Lyss is going to be doing this, she is one of my favorites! And if you are visiting from Lyss's Instagram, Welcome! I hope you'll stay awhile. Peruse through my pages if you also like Tasty treats & drinks!

I will be doing my first "official" giveaway soon, so keep stopping by! Next week will feature Pumpkin Latte Mudslide & Apple Cider Whoopie Pies!

and b/c I am a bad wife, here is my husband's bargain find...apparently when you brag about your own abilities, you must include the Hubs;) sorry I didn't yesterday.

A dept store went out of business & sold a bunch of these to a vintage store near our house.
They have a plethora to choose from & apparently it's a secret b/c Tony has gotten so many
the past few years. Smells so good and only $15.
No, I won't tell you where;)
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and lastly, have yourselves a fabulous weekend!

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