Birthday Bonanza

What a difference a year makes. Obviously if you read these two posts regarding my battlewith mental illnessle  or my struggle w/infertility then you know some of what this previous year held in store for me. Last year my birthday was on a Tues, this is therapy day for me. From 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. First group, then one on one PTSD treatment. But last year, on my bday, I participated in a study & had to get there at 7:15a, & finished at 5:45 pm. It was exhausting and I got a call from my two friends who were taking me out to dinner that they were sick.  At the last minute I was able to spend the evening w/my friend Nicole(or as I like to call her, "Mockingjay" Guess why) It was an impromptu get together, but one that I look back on & it is the first memory I have that I can see the beginnings of a turnaround in my life. And I am grateful.

This year has been one of extreme challenges and discovering what I am truly made of. I've actually learned the woman who makes up "me" That I am weaker in certain areas of my life than I strive to be and yet stronger still, in others, than I could have possibly ascertained without this battle. I can honestly say that I didn't "live" before...I just breathed. These last 15 months have been some of the hardest I have ever faced and I can know, without a doubt, each grueling second has been worth it. and for the first time in my existence, I am so very grateful and humbled for this merry go round we call life. I never anticipated that I would turn 34 & be childless, but I am. It is still an incredible void, yet one I'm learning to fill in other ways...& I now know that I couldn't have loved my baby as need be with out first having some love for myself. And...I'm almost there. The Lord continually points me to where he desires for me to go. Sometimes I just can't hear from the storm raging on... 

and so this was extra special as to how amazing my birthday was, people. Can I just that it was so ...FABULOUS. and it lasted for 5 days...FIVE days!  I have yet to come off my high! It started on Wednesday, Halloween and my husband and I passed out candy(which involves a funny story, I'll tell it in a minute) then headed over to my friend Elizabeth's & we threw a party & then I got serenaded at midnight. Then the next morning I was told to be ready at 6 & my bestie, Miss Rae-Rae(super friend, love me some Rach) would be picking me up and this is where they took me...
I love, love, love shows. It was delightful! Rae & I had season tix a few years ago. So worth it!
Then I woke up the next morning to this.....

An that night, my sissy in law, Aimers & my wonderful friends Lyss & Rhonda came to visit(you remember them from Apple Cider Mimosa Post, right? No...well then, get on to reading it!) and we went to this awesome new wine bar & cafe that just opened up and were met by my friends Michelle & Vicky. & I actually hopped a ride w/my girl Allie. So many of my favorite people, out just to celebrate me. Loved every second.
Rhonda & I ...

Some of my absolute favorite ladies!
Wiki's brother Matt & his wife Jojo(not to be confused w/my Joja) are notorious for amazing birthday presents. Last year I got a dozen cupcakes from a bakery in California that won on Cupcake Wars and this year I received a knock on my door and before I even opened I had an idea of that a package would a wait me. Understatement...

Birthday Cake Pops!

a whole box!
And then on Sat, the girls and I went shopping and I took them to the goodness that is Charming Charlie. and they were. in. Heaven. as I knew they would be b/c they're awesome. Hello, I have a rule. I am only friends w/awesome people. Good news for you if we're friends, huh? I know. Then we shopped some more and in tomorrows post I'll wow you w/my bargaining prowess & show how I may have gotten two pairs of brand new shoes for $8.32. Truth. 

Later that night I met Wiki at Duke & we went to the football game vs Clemson. Let's not discuss the score of that game. buuuuttt I can hollla about Duke grabbing it's first bowl eligbility in a freakin long time. After the game Wiki took me to Bull City Brewery & I chowed on some chili & what else...bourbon! Then he took me to some really cool cafe/bar for dessert & Jazz.

On Sunday my Rue boo & Miss Jackie came down and we went out to see one of my favorite bands...Reckless Kelly. This chic is slightly obsessional loves some Texas Country! We went out to eat at one of my favorite places downtown, Calavera. It's a tequila & empanada bar. Scrumptious.

I came home to a card with a singing cupcake and sephora gift cards from the mister, alongside some red velvet cake. I know...I should just stop rubbing it in. but there's more, so why stop now;)

On Monday, I used my gift cards(they were begging to be used, no seriously, I could really hear them. You think I joke. Sephora gift cards are the loudest out there. I promise) Wait till tomorrow when I show you all my goodies. And then, cause it was the 5th and I've waited 10 months, I got a peppermint shake from Chic Fil A. (I've had 3, I do not feel guilty. I walked to my bedroom each night, that's 36 steps each way!;)

 and then, the finale, my former neighbor Theresa, you may remember her from this post, was in town and I got to hug, squeeze, love on see my girls. Then her & I went out to eat & obviously I got wings. It was Monday Night Football. Who am I to buck tradition?!

and this gift didn't come this week, I got it from my bestie in September when I was visiting her...but serioulsy, my Joja rocks. I miss her loads and she has amazing taste. Just don't be angry I got this and you didn't and no, Joja cannot be your best friend too, she's mine;) But seriously...after 13 years, I am humbled to call you my friend, I love you lady!

Thanks to everyone who wrote, called & texted me & Srey, loved my card! I had a great time, you have each played a special part in my journey this year. And Candy...I miss you!

Now, my funny story. hahaha just a little insight to our home. On Halloween, I am puttering around the kitchen and I noticed Wiki taking my mini(& many) candles outside, I go outside to see how it looks & I decide it looks like a seance, he gives me the look and says "he's trying to get in the spirit" I quickly retort the "evil spirit" I go inside and a minute later I notice my new cranberry Bellini candle is missing. I yell outside, asking if he has it. "Yes, why?" and yes, my response "Honey, that is a Christmas scent, the rest of these are pumpkin, caramel and apple. You can not light those, can you imagine the confluence of smells from that? It just cannot happen, the kids would be so confused." hahaha and I was dead serious. hahaha 

and I just realized that if you click on 3 of the 4 links today, they're all serious. Not the point of my blog. Just happenstance. Click on labels for delicious things like bacon or whoopie...pies.

and fun news, I have a facebook page now, feel free to follow me! 

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