The Curvy Chronicles

 When I started this blog, the main purpose was just for recipes. Then I recently started to slowly saunter(if you know me, you know I genuinely meant saunter) out of my comfort zone and blog about other things; trips, bargains and fashion. Not that in real life they're out of my comfort zone, I'm so comfy talking about those things, I'm in permanent yoga pants when it comes to them. It's just been writing about it that I'm getting used to. 

Plus, the whole take a picture of me in said outfit, this is where I stumble. Sometimes I forget, but mainly as of late anyways, I am not comfortable w/how I look in them. and this is what holds me back. and so I set up a challenge for myself, the next few weeks instead of snapping a picture of a folded sweater I got for $5, I will capture and post it for the WIWW link ups, to hold myself accountable, to push myself to get back to where I was and b/c I am sure I am not the only one w/nerves. but eventually you just get to a point where you say "screw it, this is me" and so are not just one, but two bargain outfits from the week. Hey, if you're gonna go in,  go full throttle right?;)

This first one was from our vineyard hopping this wknd, which you can read about here, I wanted something comfy and still a little warm, it was 68' out. Which is normally too cold for me to be w/out a jacket, but I think the wine may have helped a teensy bit. 

You may recognize this $5 sweater from this black friday post. It is so comfy...I loved it.

sweater $5 (kohls)
tank top $4 (ross)
leggings $6 (walmart)
boots $34 madden girls (shoe metro)
jewelry $0(selling stella & dot)
total $49
and then we headed out for dinner and I changed to something a little bit dressier. Since I am a lover of all things cardigan....This may be one of my new favorites. It just goes so well w/so many things in my closet. and I am sure it goes w/even more items that have yet to hang in my closet...but will;)

Cardigan NY  & C(with sales & coupons) $ 12
tank top $4 (ross)
belt $3.75 (belk)
skinny jeans $7 (Ross)
wedges $14 (payless)
total $40.75

 I realize I am not as heavy as I once was, due to some major medical problems(and throw in some lazy @ssness) and I was beyond obese. and then I worked my bum off(actually, not so much my bum, that went no where;) I lost 91lbs and I have kept it off for 5 years and then a new medicine this past year made me gain back 32 lbs, I lost 14 of that fairly quickly, but really, really desire to get the stragglers back off. And one of the medicines are a salt tablet and I legitimately can gain 5-12 in one day w/water weight and be swollen, I really need to drink more water and green tea.  For no one but myself. and so I am going to do something bold. If I show this picture...then I will feel I must work hard to not let it happen again. So, to stop stalling...

 this is what I went from on my 29th birthday to my 30th bday...

see why I heart my 30's;) stay tuned, hopefully each week I find my way almost back to that.
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8 comments on "The Curvy Chronicles"
  1. You're GORG, girl! Love love love that sweater! Congrats on your change from 29 to 30...and I have complete faith that you can keep it off even longer!

  2. Loving your bargain finds especially that sweater and boots! The change from 29 to 30 is awesome that takes so much hard work and to keep it off, Go Girl! :)

  3. Love, love, LOVE that striped sweater! The thirties have been the best decade yet, take it from a girl that's *almost* out of them. :)


  4. Maddie! yup! just joined your fun site here. found you via WWW, i'm #18 at the meme and #43rd person to join you via GFC ...but i also thrift, and i am old!!! lol

    stick around. we could have a fun time sharing ideas, creativity and thrifty finds. do you know Heather at Heather's Thrifty Closet? you should! she is amazing!!!!

    see ya. [come on over]

  5. ** new follower ** and so happy to be doing so! Now I can root you on... you are gorgeous any size; but I know that being comfortable in your own skin is super important. You can do ANYTHING you set you mind to! And good idea about the water / green tea. I need to go make myself a cup! xoxo jules

  6. Love these outfits. You have gorgeous curves and I love that you are challenging yourself. Go you and what an amazing achievement with your weight. Very motivating. Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Weds this week :-)

  7. ow ow....look at you hot mama! I love that you are doing this! :) Go GIRL! I know you can do it!

  8. Keep it up!!!What an accomplishment. And you go on stepping out of your comfort zone with the outfit posts!! You should seriously be so proud of yourself. You are a true inspiration!! Thanks so much for linking up!!


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