Whoopie Pie Wednesday:Watergate(Pistachio)

We have a Christmas tradition of doing a bday cake for Jesus. and we normally have it for breakfast. haha I am not sure how it started. Probably came from being awake from 2 am on waiting on the clock ticking to the elusive hour of 5am. This was when we could finally wake our parents up. Longest. night. evvvveeerrr. So breakfast time felt like the middle of the day for us four kids.

The cake my mom has always made is known as a "watergate" cake. I am not sure where the title comes from, supposedly it became uber popular when Nixon was president. Let's not dwell that I mentioned Nixon and Jesus in the same story. Haha Anyways, I remember the first time my mom made it. It is this light green color and being the bratty & picky inquiring child I was, I think I made some snarky comment that was along the lines of "What is that? Ewwww. No thanks" Then after the death stare only a mother can give, I gave in and tried a bite. I can happily say my life has yet to be the same.

When I last made this cake, I made it as a trifle and since I had changed it up once, the idea to reinvent these as whoopie pies was just...long overdue! 

1 box white cake mix
1/3 cup veggie oil
2 eggs
1/4 cup sprite
3 packets pistachio pudding
1 cup whipping cream
4-6 oz cream cheese softened
(see notes below if you want cool whip version instead)
green sugar crystals(optional)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine cake mix, oil, eggs, 2 pudding packets & water in bowl.(should be thick, but if any dry cake mix left, add a tsp more of sprite)   
Drop by  tablespoon onto lined cookie sheet (leave about an inch between each cookie)
or pour green sugar onto a plate, form the dough into tbsp size balls and 
 roll it in the green sugar.
Bake 8-9 minutes

Cool on pan 5 minutes, move to cookie rack until completely cooled.

Beat softened cream cheese on low for a min or until fluffy, add dry pudding packet & two tbsp of whipping cream, beat on low till pudding is fully incorporated into cream cheese and add remaining whipping cream, turn speed to high and beat until stiff peaks form. Let set in fridge for at least an hour before frosting. 

Place a dollop of frosting on top of cooled cookie, top w/another cookie and press together for frosting to spread out.

and here is what they look like if you just bake them and don't roll them in the sugar.
Completely delish in their own right, just without the added "sparkle" and well, who the heck doesn't like a little pizzazz!

Just keep in mind, certain colored sugars can leave your lips w/evidence. Be careful which ones you buy;)

and my christmas song that is on continual repeat today is
Bare Naked Ladies God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen featuring Sarah McLachlan. 
put me in a worshipful state this morning.

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8 comments on "Whoopie Pie Wednesday:Watergate(Pistachio)"
  1. You are seriously a pro at the whoopie pies...one day I will attepmt to make some, but I don't take failure well...

  2. These were delicious! We always do watergate at family functions, but this might be a good twist for next time.

  3. Pistachio is my dad's favorite thing ever. I should try these, he would love them.

  4. these are so pretty & GREEN! they look delicious.

  5. You are the whoopie pie queen. And, I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment about Nixon & Jesus in the same sentence. Too funny! Thanks for linking up!!!

  6. You are a whoopie pie makin' fool! ;) One of these days I'm going to make a batch using one of your recipes. :)

  7. You mention to add water, but dont say how much to add. I love pistachio anything so am anxious to try! God bless y'all!

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