Weekend Wine Hop

This weekend was one of the better we have had in quite some time, we have been so beyond busy lately, Wiki frequently working and traveling so much, that doing something fun and relaxing has been few and far between  Even though we had to drive 2 hours to get to our destination, it was a very "quick" 2 hours, plus, ummm, there was wine at the end. Wine makes life livable. I've decided.

I often times take for granted what we have in our midst here in Raleigh. The beach is a little over an hour and a half away and then an hour and a half the other direction is the mountains. There are quaint towns rich in history and places you can slowly meander your way through. There are a plethora of small breweries around the area(if I drank beer this would make me exponentially happier) that you can tour and explore...but even better are the wineries, of which, there are a plenty!

When our friend asked us for tips on the Yadkin Valley Wine Country and places to stay/eat for his girlfriends birthday,  I happily obliged...When he invited us to join, well, let's just say he didn't have much arm pulling to do!

We met up at Old North State Winery, which is located in a renovated 1890's mercantile building in Downtown Mt. Airy, or the rest of you may know it simply as "Mayberry" yup, it's the town the Andy Griffith show was based on. If you ever eat lunch here I can fully recommend the french dip. Yes, please!

From there we drove about 20 minutes to our first(and mine and Wiki's fave) vineyard, Elkin Creek Vineyard. It's located next to a grist mill built in 1896. It is simply beautiful here, beyond relaxing and the vintners are the sweetest I have ever met. I love these ladies! They have only recently taken over the winery w/their husbands.  And they have just built the sweetest little cabins that you can rent, we will definitely be doing that next time we are in the area!

 oh, their pizza and bread. No words. So good. If only we hadn't already eaten. We had to live off our memories of our last visit here.

just look at their sign, it's as if they truly care about me...

  the view, beautiful blue sky, 65' degrees in the middle of December!

 Some of their awards.
 Wiki and I enjoying the swing next to the bubbling creek, sipping our wine!
Wiki describing something, in depth, I'm sure;)

The birthday girl and I. It's your birthday...(you know the rest;)

Then we sauntered down the road to Shelton Vineyards, also very pretty and much larger, not the intimate feel of Elkin Creek, but they did have homemade truffles to pair w/your wine. So I adapted just fine.
 View from their tasting room
 Salted Caramel dark chocolate truffle, they had roughly 20 some flavors to choose from, under the row of these was a little note that said "to die for" I will only say this
"I concur!!!!!"

Just big enough for a weekend get together;)

Our last winery of the day was Round Peak Vineyards. Wiki and I were skeptical b/c of our last experience here. We thought the wine was really, really good...but the guy they had working was ummm. a douchehole. Sorry, I tried to find a less inappropriate word, but I looked it up and it even had his picture next to the definition;) hahaha I'm basically a terrible person. Oopsie.

Anyways, so glad we went back! He no longer worked there( I mentioned it in passing and she didn't even blink an eye, her response was , "yes, I was his replacement, you weren't the only one") and now they do beer tastings $4 for 4. Wiki was all over that!

 I may have purchased a whole set of these glasses. Loved 'em!

and here is what happens when you ask men to take your picture and there is beer in their midst...
There are so many things I could say here...but I won't.

Then that night we went to dinner at one of our places, Trio, and as usual, the food was so beyond delicious. From the lamb meatballs, to my ny strip and then the 5 cheese potato au gratin  I am still stuffed. And then I was miserable, you know how sometimes your mind is saying, "stop" and your belly shuts it up by eating more. Yea...but, oh so worth it!

Then on Sunday Wiki(as usual) wanted to turn our 2 hour drive home into 7 by exploring the area. We stopped by Hanging Rock State Park near Winston-Salem. My phone died(cause it hates me, a lot & frequently) so I didn't get enough pictures to do it justice:( but they had an awesome visitor center and fully functional cabins you could rent, with the most majestic views!

So, there was my weekend. I had a fabulous time and if you are ever in the Carolinas, do yourself a favor and visit this area!

Tomorrow involves bacon and cheese. I know;)

Have a great rest of the week!
 and I am really excited about a give away that I am participating in, all thanks to one of my new favorites, Taylor from goings on in Texas.

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  1. Oh my, thanks for the tour of each. I almost felt like I was there! Looks like an incredible weekend!

  2. I'm in the Raleigh area as well. So awesome!!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I've never been to a winery... I'll have to check one out soon! So glad I came across your blog... its so cute!

  4. Man, I'm so jealous of all the winery trips you made in one weekend!! Loved all your pics!! Thanks for the giveaway shout-out!


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