5 Second Appetizer

This was on a whim. I had made these California Caprese Skewers for our friends one night and had some mozzarella & pesto left over and I had prosciutto bc who wants a fridge that's ever barren of Italian ham?! Not I, for certain. I was trying to figure out what to do with the remaining mozzarella and I thought how simple this would be. I am sure some of you are familiar w/prosciutto wrapped melon and I figured this would be an easy twist to that. And true to it's name...5 seconds was about all she wrote.

8 mozzarella balls
4 thin slices of prosciutto
2 tbs pesto

cut the prosciutto slices in half, place mozzarella ball on prosciutto slice & drizzle pesto over mozzarella, wrap the prosciutto slice around the mozzarella and skewer it w/a toothpick.

Very hard work, I know. I go to added lengths for my Wiki;)

and now, b/c I am not afraid to admit my strange food tendencies...I love cheese but only if it's melted. Yes, I am that person and no pesto for me, you remember those pesky allergies of mine. So these pictures were of mine before I threw them in my frying pan and melted them. haha Yep, it was just as delicious...but no longer 5 seconds. Wiki's however looked just like this only with the pesto and he ate them while I was yelling for him to wait. Men. So these were the best I got. But I do suggest these if you're having a get together. Prosciutto can be expensive but if you get this thinly sliced, 1/4 lb should be plenty to make about 15-20 of these and keeping the cost down. I bet it would be awesome w/pancetta too. I mean, Italian Bacon...Bacon in no form can be wrong. Actually, I just lied. Turkey bacon. I don't trust people who eat turkey bacon;) haha
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