My nemisis

I love my house, it's cozy, the colors are gorgeous, it's inviting...however there is one nefarious item in my house that I have tried, to no avail, have removed. Somehow it keeps popping back up when I least expect it. If you were wondering how an inanimate object could properly be dubbed as nefarious, there you have it. I'm pretty sure the spirit of Mary Jane's baby lives in this thing. 

As I've said before, Wiki is very involved in how our home looks, ie: decor, towels, etc. This was awesome when we were dating and got married and I moved into what was akin to a Pottery Barn catalogue.  Then, when I fancy my own ideas and things I would like to doesn't always "match" the rest of "our flow" boo. So again, do not complain when your hubs has no interest in what's happening at home. Be relieved;) 

Anyways, a few years ago we were meandering our way through South Carolina and came upon this wood carving store. Wiki was basically in his element. He loves to bring some cool things home and other times, like this critter, the antithesis of cool. It was this big wooden owl and it is creepy. I realize that owls are all "the rage" now but he has loved owls as long as I've known the Wiki. So, he had to have it and I was like "noooooooo" obviously you can guess who won. 

So over the past few years I have tried to "lose" it amongst our homey decor and inevitably, it will reappear front and center. I hid it when I put out the Christmas decor last year and hoped he would forget, he didn't. A few weeks ago my mom was visiting and I was sitting in a chair I normally don't and I looked to the side and let out a loud shriek. My mother was startled and thought something was wrong and I was ranting something to the effect of "that little...." and I picked it up only to see my momma almost falling off the couch in laughter. Apparently it had been out for over a week and I somehow missed it. So this is our contemptuous joke, I hide and he unhides. 

So behold...the bane of my existence and I'm sorry in advance if you have night terrors. actually, I just lied, I'm not. Someone besides me should.

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