Easy Stroganoff

I am not even a little bit embarrassed that I may have(only eaten) hamburger helper a lot. That stuff is good. haha ok, good for boxed food. I had seen various "homemade" recipes for Stroganoff but none were any I decided to try my hand at. Then, around 4 years ago, I stumbled onto this recipe on the back of some package and decided to venture out. So glad I did as the result is always the same: people gobble it up!

And I am going to preface the ingredients/directions with this...Yes, Sprite!!! Whenever people first taste this and I explain/relay recipe they always have a slightly befuddled look on their face and they ask, as if they're unsure I was serious, "sprite?" I actually use sprite in a plethora of my recipes, especially white/yellow cake mixes that call for water. I feel like sprite just gives it an added oomph. But I can't take credit for this, this was on the back of previously stated box. Live a little people, try Sprite(or if you have an utter aversion to soda, sub lime flavored tonic water)

1 lb stew meat
1 packet onion soup(I prefer the beefy onion)
1 can mushroom soup(I'm allergic so I subbed cream of chicken)
1/2 cup sprite
1 bag egg noodles
sour cream *option

Preheat oven to 225
in a casserole dish, lay the meat evenly in the bottom(you can now season w/any salt/pepper if you like) then open can of soup and pour over meat. Open packet of onion soup and sprinkle over the soup/meat. Then pour the sprite over top & cover. DO NOT STIR!!! This should cook for 4 hours. I like to check the progress around an hour and a half in, I stir lightly. It will all come together, I promise. Don't try to rush the "sauce making" Then I stir about every 1/2 hour till it's ready. Boil the egg noodles and serve w/the meat. You can top with sour cream

This should be pretty adaptable in a crockpot/slower cooker.

Enjoy, this is a hearty meal, especially in the late Fall/Winter, your house will smell decadent...For sure!!!
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