First Day Of The Bestest Month

Due to my appearing on the face of this lovely earth 35 years ago today, how can it not be the most awesomest of months? You are correct in your answer if you so rightly can't! Hi Five for 35!
Yes, I am a born ginger. 
Last night may have been one of my favorite Halloweens yet. I made dinner and it was such a festive meal- fajitas. It just screamed all hallows eve to me;) Wiki and I passed out lots o candy and this year he decided to play the game to win and we gave out full sized candy bars. I can only assume we have now fully established our reign as the coolest in our 'hood. We also watched Hocus Pocus because why wouldn't we?! The only other movies that even get an Honorable mention from me are Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice & obviously Charlie Brown. But since it was the 20th anniversary, Hocus Pocus it was. and how in hades has it been 20 years since that came out?

Anyways, a look at my five of my birthday memories.

My 32nd. I went to Florida with my neighbor Theresa and stayed with her and her lovely momma for a week. A yearly tradition and this one was on my birthday. She took me to the rum bar for drinks.

I am nothing if not lady like

Last year, my favorites from Virginia came down and we went to my second home the wine cafe down the street with some of my besties from here. So much fun!

23. The first one I spent with the mister. We had been dating for about ten months at that point. He came to Virginia to celebrate at my annual Halloween birthday bash and then the next week I flew up to Boston to spend time with him and his family. 

My 13th birthday. Wow. I wonder if I could have cheesed just a little bit harder? This was the night before my usual party and hay ride. It was after our school's football game. Heather and I were in our lovely sweatshirts my mom made for us. Next I should bring out the Christmas ones she made us don each year. Who else can I embarrass?
 But this makes me smile! Lisa and Heather. I miss those two ladies so very much. Memories. upon memories. Burnt popcorn, Heather? Deceived & The Butcher's Wife as a twofor, Mrs. Lowes? Although, I think Danny's photobomb before there was such a thing may be my favorite part about this. 

and hands down the best was my 30th. The mister threw me a party. Which obvisuly I knew was coming. What I didn't know was when and that three of our friends would be flying in from Miami and NYC. I had a blast that night. As the multiple pictures will attest to.
kinda surprised

Here's to the weekend. I am ready!

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10 comments on "First Day Of The Bestest Month"
  1. Happy Birthday! My husband's is tomorrow and mine is later this month. November rocks!

  2. Can you please start doing your hair like you did when you were 13. Please. Notice my lack of question marks because I'm not really asking you so much as I'm telling you.

  3. Happy Birthday Girl!!! What a trip to see all the birthday's past! Hope it is the bestest year possible!!

  4. Gotta love these trips down bday memory lane! Happy Birthday my blest!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Celebrate your booty off this weekend! ;) we watched Hocus Pocus last night too!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I agree November is the bestest month of all (but my birthday's tomorrow so I may be biased!) :) Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday to youuuu! :) I hope it's a great one!

    xo Always, Abby

  8. I had no idea it was the 20th Anniversary of one of my fave movies! Oh Lawd!!!

  9. Love this look back at your birthday highlights! Hope your 35th birthday was great - I so enjoyed getting to meet you at the Blogger Buzz last night! :)


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