If You Are Pregnant With Twin Girls

then I should probably not throw your shower. Unless we schedule it when you are ready to have them. One of my other friends had twins two years ago and on the morning of her shower, at 29 weeks, she gave birth. And so the joke with this one was I would not serve any thing remotely close to what I had made for the other. We made it through the whole thing and then the three of us watched the season premiere of revenge(this was in September) and at 11 I thought my jinx was over. I wrote this post and scheduled it to go live that Wednesday when at 2am I got a text she was heading to the hospital in pre term labor. The curse of Maddie struck again. 

And one month ago yesterday, the little ladies were born. and oh my gosh, they are so sweet! And strong little misses, they only had to stay in the NICU for about 10 days. Nicole is who I went to the hockey game with on my birthday and our husbands stayed home on twin duty. I am pretty sure Tony was terrified he may have to hold one. hahaha he said they slept the whole time. Shame, they shoulda put him to work! But now, onto the details of that fun day.

Twin ladies means that there was lots of pink and purple in the air that weekend, I have mentioned Miss Nicole on here multiple times before and the time to celebrate the girls was finally here. Her sissy, Ashley, & I worked out for a while how we would do the shower.

Due to the fact that her mom threw her a Mad Hatters party back home in Indiana, the two of us decided that simplistic would be key for this go round(and what I really mean is I am not that creative,so) We had no real theme, just went with lots of pink and purple with hints of green.

Party City was a great help, as was Micheals and AC Moore, but lots of ideas came from pinterest and via the greatness that is ETSY. You can throw a really great party with out a theme. The small touches were what made a difference, the ribbons on the punch jars, the wishes that Ashley made herself. The green that was thrown in. I loved it all.

We were able to secure the party room at her apartment complex and it was the perfect location. Minus our twenty minutes of panic when we realized they had double booked the room and a wedding shower was going on! Luckily they were winding up and headed on out just in time for us to decorate.

 We played the Onesie game where every one brings a onesie and then she had to guess who had brought it. She guessed most of them, only got stumped on a few. But the best part was for half of them she thought they were from me. I am an anomaly;)

 This was our favor table, rock candy, bubble gum and dark kisses. I mean hot pink rock candy? Let that sink in for a second.

 I painted letters to match the theme for Hazel & Skylar
 Made two punches, a raspberry pineapple and an apple cider.

 I do love this cake! But I will admit that the twenty five minute drive holding this case was beyond stressful. I was holing it as if it was a baby. Or a football. Bith equally important to not fumble.
This cake supposedly only served 25 people...Well, about that. This is how much was left after we fed 28 people. I am not exactly sure how big the slices were meant to be. Oh my gosh.

The momma and her sissy.

Nicole, it was such an honor to be a part of your day. I value our friendship more than you can ever know(and it is deeper than our shared affection for the brand of jeans Luke Bryan wears;) I am so appreciative of you in my life and my burgenoing friendship with miss Ashley. I think I am about ready to hold the ladies now;)

4 comments on "If You Are Pregnant With Twin Girls"
  1. Everything looks so cute!! That cake is gorgeous! The hot pink rock candy....I die!

  2. Super cute! I love the polka dot balloons and the drink dispensers and the cake is gorgeous.

  3. congrats to your friend! one of my best friends has twin girls and they are just so much fun!

  4. This party looks like a huge success. Such pretty decor! Happy to be your newest follower!



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