Love Is All Up In The Air

Let us all take a moment for it to sink in that I am partaking in an outfit post. I can't even remember the last time I did. And even this one is probably sub par with my ugly, cheap mirror in my hallway. But because we are all friends here, I am presuming you have already forgiven that small detail.

Last Friday I was perusing the aisles of the money pilfering store some refer to as Target, when I stumbled upon the Phillip Lim clearance rack.Walking towards it and crossing my fingers that they may still possibly have the green blouse I had been eyeing. Lucky me, it was as if Target knew it was my birthday and wanted only for me to have a great one and there, in the middle of the rack, almost as if it was calling to me...

Blouse- Phillip Lim for Target (clearance) $14.98
Scarf- gift
jeans- Ross: $11
boots- T.J. Maxx (clearance) Madden Girls: $22

And for some laughs, Wiki is an engineer and often comes across as quiet and introverted an always in thinking mode...but believe me, once you get him talking...he never stops and he likes to drive his wife insane by never taking a serious picture...but these did make me laugh when I got a closer look.

At first glance I loved this picture and then started laughing when I noticed he was emulating my normal pose. You ladies know the one "Arm to the side, knee slightly bent and back a little arched"

On this one he went even farther and gave the snub. he does have nice form in this one.
I really liked this , especially his smile and then I saw myself more closely and there was one particular reason I was not the largest fan.
Ummm, actually make that two particular reasons....
And this one was probably my favorite. After we had walked off and Rhonda had taken the picture and proclaimed it "to be great" as I am looking closer...I noticed we had gained a child. A light haired blonde one at that;)

and in case you may be hungry, I have for you on the food blog today, 

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3 comments on "Love Is All Up In The Air"
  1. These pictures of your husband are too funny - what a ham! :)

  2. Haha!! I love that Wiki was being all blog Diva for the pics! Love the green top and for a steal!!

  3. Haha those are great photos of him!! So happy you got your blouse, another birthday win for you!!


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