Tye Dye And A Baby

I hope the thoughts I have today come and aren't frozen midair...To have been in the 80's less than 2 weeks to waking up this morning to 19 bleeping degrees. How can I even be expected to live this way
? I am not sure how our family in Boston do this. All I know is Carolina  better get its act together. I am already way over it.

Anyways, let me stop being a whiner(at least verbally;) and ramble on about my happenings this past weekend. We left Saturday to head home and went straight to my uncle's wedding. It was a long time coming and a multitude of feelings. I am just so happy for him and I will delve into that more this week.

Saturday night was too cold to really do anything so we headed out for a quick trip to LaCa which is adjacent to my parents. The food was as yummy as usual but I tried my hand at a new margarita they were offering, the tye dye. 

I suppose I should take a second to talk about how this was the maybe absolutely most assuredly the strongest drink I ever thought about taking a sip of. Apparently my mom came into the guest room and I was laying face down with one foot on the bed and the other on the floor...can't keep an old lady down. or perhaps you really can;)

 On Sunday, we threw a baby shower for my sis in law and brother. Since we held it at my aunt's log cabin, we decided to go with the whole rustic fall theme with just a few pink touches. My SIL Aimee, had the idea to set up a picture wall to take fun pictures in front of all these streamers and homemade puffs she made. 
and most of the touches were from her house, as it is full of fun stuff. I love all of the vintage items.

My other SIL, the Rue Boo, bought the wish cards to fill out for the bebe and one of my favorite books, along came you. We used it as the guest book as a keepsake for when she gets older. 

and then, on our way out, I was so grateful to catch one of my favorite things about Virginia...the sunset. This picture didn't even think of doing it justice, but you get the idea.

and a shout out to miss Jennifer for designing my page. I love the sweet touches and the light colors. and the signature may be my favorite, thanks again girl. You rocked it out. And I should have my navigation and what not up to par in these next few days.
6 comments on "Tye Dye And A Baby"
  1. That tye dye drink looks amazing! The photo booth is so cute and all the little decorations!

  2. Gorgeous blog design. She did an awesome job! And I loveee all those vintage items!

  3. Loving all of the decor!!! And I have a feeling if I ever come to visit, we will be drinking all sorts of colors ;)

  4. I like your new look! That drink is so pretty and I LOVE the shower/her normal decor!

  5. The tye dye drink looks so pretty and cute decorations for the baby shower!


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