Permanent Smile On My Face

This past week has been one of the best I can remember in a long time. Some of my birthdays over the past few years have not been overly spectacular and I just don't know that I have words that can do justice as to how joyous my heart was these past few days. Even with a broken down car and being on day three of going carless.  So I will more so share how awesome my friends and family were to me this weekend. 

It actually started last week when the mister took me to Angus Barn. Only the home to the 4th largest wine cellar in the country and some of the best steak you have ever even thought about having. We ate in the Wild Turkey Lounge upstairs and then after dinner we headed through the kitchen and went back to the meatlocker. They now have a new place for their meat and turned this into a bar with tv's and heaters outside. They even bring you blankets! The mister was beyond stoked that he can smoke a cigar while he eats his steak. I will just enjoy some of their many bourbons.

I got a sweet gift in the mail from my inlaws and then on Thursday, as I walked up to the door I spied a package and when I saw a cupcake shop in the return label, I knew before I even tore into it and saw my card that my brother & sister in law had struck again. Every year they outdo themselves. This year just happened to fall in day 12 of 14 of no sugar so waiting for two days was torture!!
This year my treat was cupcakes in a jar, and the top of each one had a different Patriot emblem.
 Loved it!

Then on Friday afternoon, I was opened the door to my bestest friend(who was sick beyond sick, mind you) standing there with balloons, sour patch kids and my favorite, a Chic Fil A gift cart. I cannot remember the last time I was gifted with balloons on my birthday, it made my day! Can't wait to head to Florida this weekend to celebrate her 30th. Harry Potter world here we come!

Then I noticed flowers, a sephora gc and a card from the mister. I am not too prpoud to admit that it may have taken me less than 15 minutes to get on the website and use up errryyy penny of that puppy. Can't wait till it gets here tomorrow. Woo hoo. and seriously, how great is this card he got me?! So stinkin funny. Especially because I may have a slightly shake when I walk...but only slight;)

I was then beyond shocked when my husband came in with mail and I opened this beyond awesome gift from my lovely Srey! I broke it in in about 5 minutes. The Laura Mercier is for sure my favorite.

After hitting up the Blogger Meet up, I joined one of my besties and her sister at the Canes/lightning game. and then on Saturday we headed up to Virginia to more birthday goodness at the Brew Bluegrass and Bqq festival. and my sweet lady Rhonda has started a new business and gifted me with a few of the goodies. If you are looking for any gift ideas, especially if anybody has a nut allergy, she makes all nut free and natural bath and body products.

After a cookout on Sat night, my mom had another family lunch on Sunday so I could see everyone!

and I could not talk about how great my birthday week was without delving into how much a couple of my bloggy buddies cross the line of real friends once again and made my week that much more special. 

I received a package early last week and I had no idea who it could be from until I opened the package and I knew exactly who sent it, my one and only blest, or known to most people as the amazing Being Bracco. 
I may be drinking some Zen tea out of it as I type. Heaven.
and then my other bloggy bestust, Miss Kerry, made me the greatest hat! It looks store bought and I am so excited that it is finally getting a slight chill in the air so I can sport it without getting weird looks like when i wear sweat pants and boots in July. Till Then, I will be smiling very often;)

 Tonight I get to go have wine at Fig. Half price wine night. Woo hoo. Thanks again to everyone who made this particular birthday so great. I had the best time ever and am so grateful for people who make me happy. They almost make up for people I would like to punch. Almost;)

4 comments on "Permanent Smile On My Face"
  1. What a great birthday week! That card is too cute! Love those lip samples! A Bacon cup?! Too cute! Glad you are liking your hat girly! It was 24 degress this morning, I will get to wear mine this week!

  2. Aww that's all so sweet!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

  3. Special gifts for a special birthday girl ;) Glad you loved them all


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