Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

The further on you read in this post, the more sense the title will make. But for now, my weekend was absolutely amazing. I am so thankful for the people I have in my life, even ones that play an intermittent role as they made for one of the best birthday weekends in a very long time.

My Friday was out of control with birthday surprises and I am going to do a more thorough post on on the shenanigans tomorrow, but I can touch base on a few things today while delving into the joys of the past few days.

Friday was stock full as in the morning I nannied for a bit before picking my sweet sis in law up at the airport and arriving home to sweet gifts from my the mister and then opening my door to run out to find this girl outside, prepping to decorate my porch for when I stepped outside.

Then I had my hair done my the lovely Elizabeth and headed out to the blogger meetup. As I was walking out of her studio, it began to rain like I have never seen it rain before. I mean, the heavens opened right on up. But I fought the rain and made it...barely, as my car was throwing a fit.

I stayed for a bit and picked up some sweet swag that Ashley and Angela put together for us, but not before they serenaded me with a Happy Birthday. I could actually feel my cheeks burning. hahaha but it was one of my favorite moments of the night. I wasn't able to stay long because one of my bestie had gotten us hockey tickers, but it was fun to see everyone for at least a little and to meet some new faces.
Loved our goodies! and are they trying to get me to organize? 
My husband is probably thankful;)
and then, after the hockey game and on my way home...this loveliness happened.

I let nothing stop me and we decided to just not worry about it till we got home last night and instead went home to Virginia to see my family for my birthday. My brother called last minute and asked us to meet them at the BBQ, Brew & Bluegrass festival at Red Hill. Which is the home of Patrick Henry. The former Governor of Virginia and major player in the American Revolution. Most known for one of the most famous lines ever uttered in History...You guessed it "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death"
The perfect festival. Beer for him, Vino for me. and then they made my day and let me try all the ciders.
My people!!!

The grounds were absolutely breathtaking this time of year. I am often spoiled by the beauty of Virginia and our history. We did some exploring, bought some goodies, indulged in some yummy bbq and tasted a plenty of wine and cider!
My brother threw football with my nephews. 
Just absolutely gorgeous.

yum! and they had warmed mulled cider.

I think I...Love this shot.
Osage Orange tree. 330 years old, oldest and largest in the country. 
The sky. Doesn't get much better.
I want this truck!
Then yesterday my mom had a birthday lunch for me with all the fam and then she decided to drag me with her to an opera. Do not tell her, but I may have actually enjoyed myself. Plus, I came home to a Pats victory.

We drove home late last night. I already miss my people, but am so grateful for the ones I have down here. Can't wait for what this week brings. wine night for birthday comes tomorrow. and thanks to having AAA, my car is being towed for free. Guess what, I want a new one;)

4 comments on "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death"
  1. Sounds like such a fun birthday weekend! I'm so glad I got to see you on Friday :)


  2. That stinks about your car, but glad you didn't let it stop you! That festival sounds amazing! The mulled wine and ciders would be my favorites!

  3. trouble. The pits. HOWEVER, booze and beautiful scenery...a definite win for the weekend! ;)


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