It's Almost Fall...Y'all

Oh, how I love the Fall. Pretty much everything abobut it, except for maybe the cooler temps. I am the person who actually walks outside and says "Yay, it's super hot and really humid...Perfect" My husband really loves that about me. or so I will tell myself

The next few weeks will be really crazy and we will barely be at home, and for half the time I will be in Boston & New Hampshire, so I am sure the Fall buzz will be hitting me even harder and here are a few things I am looking forward to most.

Bath & Body Works Fall Candles. Ok. I should probably use this time to admit I started burning some of the 100 plus few Fall Candles I already had laying around starting in July. But my house will be in full swing of pumpkin and apple scents here in a few weeks.

My friend, I will call her co- candle addict for the sake of this post. I am pretty sure we keep them in business. And I have it down pat. I have never...and I mean never paid more than $10 for one of their candles. I always wait till they are 2 for $20 and I will buy 3 and I almost always have a coupon for take an extra $10 off. So basically, buy one...get two free. and my entire linien closet is full to the brim right now.

Here are a few of my old favorites. and then a few new scents you must try.

and oh my word...Have you smelled this new one

I just want to eat it. 
Great. now I am hungry.

My favorite candles for Fall are usually Apple Crumble & Salted Caramel. I don't see them on here. Due to the fact that I may have over 5 of each in my closet...I will refrain from freaking out now...but you may want to check back in on me in a month. May not be doing so well;)

Ad obviously I love Football, boots and Fall TV shows, those are for another week. You can head over to my foodie blog to check out one of my other Fall loves here.


  1. Oh man, I am dying to smell those candels right now! I would not mind my apartment smelling like donuts!

  2. I was burning some candles last night. It is the perfect weather up here right now!! The Pumpkin Pecan Waffles sounds heavenly, i need to make a trip to Bath and Body now!

  3. I just got a Virginia Candle woodwick candle - Vanilla Bourbon. I'm fricking dying waiting for it's arrival, it comes today!! I love the B&BW scents, they need to branch into wood wicks. Wood wicks sound like a crackling fire, I love them.

  4. I am in need of some good candles! All of these sound devine!

  5. i agree, i'm so excited for fall and all the wonderful things that come along with it! i need to head to bath and body soon to stock up on hand soap, and i'm pretty sure i'll be leaving with a pumpkin pecan waffles candle as well!

  6. There is almost nothing I love more than a good fall-scented candle... except maybe a good winter scent. I'm a sucker for Yankee candle - may have to give B&BW a try, because that sounds WAY more affordable!!

  7. So I'm not so happy about summer ending but the idea of sitting by a fire with a pumpkin candle and a pumpkin spice latter is somewhat redeeming :)

  8. I am so lucky that there's a B&BW outlet by me. About a month after the new scents are out in real stores, they make it to the outlet for half price! And since it doesn't feel like fall in Houston til October, I'm fine with waiting on fall scents (though they are lovely)!

  9. Already have the Pumpkin Cinnamon blazing in our house! Love the smells of Fall ;)

  10. i need pumpkin cupcake in my life!!! haha


  11. I am a self-professed "Fall-A-Holic" and I have Fall scents burning YEAR ROUND in my house. My favorite is Apple Strudel by Circle E. THE BEST!!! Can't wait for Fall :)


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